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Flocknockers Young Guns This is a forum for the younger hunter to talk about things that intrest them.

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11-19-2009 until 12-20-2020
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Forum Rules

I am going to post the forum rules on every forum so there should be no problem for others to read. We stick with the rules here at Flocknockers.com, so if you can't live with the rules don't join!!!! All rules will be enforced by Admin and Forum Moderators. Cliff
Forum Rules
Youmust leave your email viewable
at all times, don't make yourself invisible to other members, either of these will cause your membership to go to guest status. You must also have a working email at all times and have the following other info viewable at all times, City, State, Zip Code or Mail Code, First and Last Names. We will do our best to protect members from any soliciting, being it from other members or from our forum sponsors. Any violation of these rules will result in the removal of their membership, if you are solicited please relay this info with attached email to an Admin or Moderator. Members email addresses and member profiles are not viewable to non members, this is for your protection against spamming and other such things, only other members can view your profile.
All forums on this site do not allow any personal attacks of persons, services or products. Any post which is found in bad taste will be deleted by myself or forum moderators without notice, you stand personally liable for any post you have entered on these forums. By joining this forum you have shown that you agree with all these rules posted. Debate, and your opinions on issues are welcomed, disrespect will not be tolerated, so please treat others as you would have them treat you, maybe even better.
What is Spam
Any person that represents (which includes pro staffs or team members), owns, or works for a company may post telling us about their product to let us know what they are and how to attain them. However you must first get approval by emailing us at Flocknocker@centurytel
.com for prior approval before you make the post. In your email to us make sure you include all info about your product or service and what you would like to post for the members. We will reply as soon as possible to your request with a yes or no. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in your post being deleted, continued attempts will result in removal of your membership. This is also to be a one time exposure of your product or service on the site, any further posts will be considered Spam and will be removed. This is being done to inform members with the latest and greatest products and services more than for your advertising needs. If you are interested in advertising or sponsorship we have those options available also. We also do not allow tags, links and or prostaff names in signatures unless you are a forum sponsor. Also username that are the direct name of a business or product are not allowed unless you are a sponsor, same goes for avatars.
Other Things We Have To Post
Forum members are free to post about services or products and even links to sites to help other members with information if a person can't first find it by searching the web. So please ask them to search the web then offer help if needed, Flocknocker Goose Roost is not a link listing operation for the general public. Another option to use is to email links to other members for their help. There are some with a goal to help friends by posting links to their sites time after time. This will be considered Spam and the posts will be deleted and if continued posting is done membership will be removed. The goal here atFlocknockers is to learn and have fun while getting the latest information available to members. So if you have an agenda to promote for yourself or someone else, please don't bring it to the Goose Roost Forums. For those members that have personal web pages feel free to show your link to them. By personal web page, that would be a page that has no advertisers or that sells no products of any kind nor has any links to commercial sites.
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