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Tim Williams
11-08-2001, 06:04 AM
Jossie, will you please share how you make your goose jerky w/ us? I would appreciate it & would like to try to make some. Thanks!

11-08-2001, 06:58 AM
For this recipe you will need a meat grinder, jerky shooter,and a dehydrator. This is for 5lb of meat. Sometimes I will mix 4lb of duck or goose with 1lb of venison, or if you don't have venison you can use lean hamburger.Grind your meat up and add:
1 1/2 Tsp tender quick
5 Tsp salt
2 Tsp Black pepper
2 Tsp Garlic powder
1 Tsp Cayenne pepper
3 Tsp Accent
2 TBL liquid smoke
2 TBL soy sauce
Mix all your ingredients with the meat in a big bowl, cover with plastic wrap and let sit in refrigrator for a least a couple of hours.
If you like your jerky hotter, ( which I do) add more black pepper, cayenne pepper, a little tobasco sauce and red pepper flakes.
Shoot the meat on to the trays and dehydrate for 8 to 10 hrs.
My kids eat this stuff like candy. Try it, I think you wil like it.

11-08-2001, 10:12 AM
His jerky is pretty good, it was all I had to keep me alive on my first hunt with him last year...The hotter the better in my opinion. I had a guy make me some marinades but when they run out this will be the recipe I switch to. Make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to work on it. Can get pretty messy when you start grinding the meat and mixin stuff up, but it's pretty fun. Good luck.


11-08-2001, 10:29 AM
Thanks Monte! I figured you would be out slaying geese :p

Tim is right, it is messy to make, but it is very good. You can add any kind of ingrediant that you want to it. If you like it hot, don't be afraid of adding all your "hot stuff" to it.

Tim W, If you want you can hit my E-mail and send me your address, I'll send some out to ya next week so you can try it before going to the pains of making it.

11-08-2001, 01:39 PM
Your not gonna beleive this, I went out and set up on a pond with my eliminator 6 dozen outlaws and 6 goose floaters and I was home by 9am with 3 honkers and 5 ducks. Here is the layout of the setup, the pond is oval shaped and the side I was hunting had about a 20 foot beach and then a 2ft ledge and then cow pasteure that the geese hang out in. I set up 4 dozen outlaws on the beach and on the edge of the water. I put 2 dozen up in the pasteure and along the ledge and had the six goose floaters out front. I couldnt keep the ducks outta the spread, and I look up over my shoulder and there are about 25 honkers headed my way, so I hunker down in the blind and call a few times and they swing around so that they can land into the wind, which is gusting about 15 to 20 mph and they are floating over the water coming right at me. I got my eye on one goose he lands about 3ft from the floaters and I pop the blind and he gets about six inches of air and I drop him and the 2 behind him with 2 3/4in 2 shot. It was one of those mornings when its over to fast. I have been hunting in Oklahoma, I havent even scouted for geese out by the lake. Its like you said though, doesnt get good out there until later in the season.

Ps. I had my geese and ducks all posed for a great shot and my digital camera batteries were dead. So you will have to wait til I get the pictures developed to see the big kill.

11-08-2001, 02:24 PM
Man I am jealous. Sounds like you had agreat hunt. Hopefully there will be some birds around this weekend to hunt. I am too out of shape to chase pheasants all weekend...Keep up the good work so at least someone from the forum is killing stuff.


11-08-2001, 04:50 PM
Its been so long since I shot a goose that I would probably freeze up. Sounds like a great hunt. Oh bring the cold front down sometime soon......

11-08-2001, 06:35 PM
Man Monte you sure know how to hurt a guy, as a matter of fact, I think you are hurting everybody on the forum. I figured you had to be in Okla, or hunting the Island park geese....LOL.
What kind of ducks are ya gettting?
Nice job on your shooting, Things must have been just right to bring 3 down with 2 3/4 number 2's. Congrats :D

11-09-2001, 03:09 AM
I dont mean to hurt anybody, im was just so excited I had to tell you guys, its great to have a day like I had, but it makes it so much better when you can share the memories of the hunt with someone else.
As for things being just right for 2 2/3" shells they were trust me :D They could not have been any better.
I shot 3 mallards and 2 gadwall, and last Tuesday we shot 3 mallards all drakes except for one today one was a suzie, guess i had my head up my ass or I just got a little excited :mad:

11-11-2001, 08:46 AM
*LAUGH* I've been trying to get a hen to finish a rising mallard pair mount for my mantel. All I have had come into the pond so far are drakes. ack! send me some hens dammit. :D