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Serial Killer
09-25-2001, 11:24 AM
I am sure some of ya'll have tried this!!!

take the breast from your ducks and marinate in your favorite steak mariade. Soak over night. Remove breast from the bone and cut each lobe in to 2-3 pcs depending on the size of the duck. I get in most cases 6 pcs per bird. I use dry minced oinions and dry minced garlic. I use equal parts on a paper plate. dip each pcs and lightly coat in this mixture. I have used Cajun seasoning instead of the minced mix. wrap each pcs with a small pcs of bacon and skewer them like kabobs. I usually get 10-to 15 on a steel skewer. Cook on the grill on medium low heat. I cook them for about 30 minutes. Pull them off the grill while they are still just a bit rare.

I swear if you take a ziplok bag of these duck nuggets on your next adventure, they will not make it back to your house. This recipe takes that little liver flavor out of the duck meat. They are as good cold as they are hot.

I know this recipe works on deer. I am sure it will work on goose. ENJOY!!!!!

Tim Bates
10-25-2001, 10:47 AM
Thanks, I made dinner for my parents last night and everyone loved it. My mom doesn't like duck so i told her it was elk. After she ate it she told me that was the best elk she ever had but then i had to tell her it was duck. She'll eat duck now. Thanks again that was great.

Send some more of those recipes my way

11-12-2001, 02:24 PM
Duck nuggets are one of my new favorites, usually eat alot of these on every trip. What we do is take cajun shorelunch, and coat them like fish and put them in the deep frier until therre brown. Best way I have found to eat them!!!

Use a assortment of hot mustard, barbecue, sweet and sour etc. for dipping. Awesome treat and yet to have someone say otherwise!!

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