View Full Version : Double banded Black Duck

12-22-2002, 01:37 PM
Here is a pic of the $100 banded black duck form the Susquehanna 12/21/03. A real nice birthday present. Now what can I expect from Santa Clause?

12-24-2002, 10:58 AM
Elvis wasn't the king.....A black with a double band that is the king! WOW!!!!! :uh:

Sinkbox <><

12-26-2002, 12:28 PM
That bird is stylin!!!!!:cool:

12-26-2002, 03:05 PM
My hunting buddy and I had 5 Blacks come in and I knocked one down. The duck was a cripple and I was shooting an over and under and blew both barrels, so I was out of shells. My buddy finished the bird off before she got away. A joint effort, so we split the $$ and the bands. Makes me wonder if any of the other 4 were banded??? Flight birds usually stay together, so maybe there was more jewlery in the group.