View Full Version : best prices on decoys

12-22-2002, 03:41 PM
I found a place today that had decoys in any pose. Full body decoys at that. I ask the guy how much are they and he told me eight dallors a pice, I said yaaaa riiiight eight bucks, come on. he then got his manager and she told me the same thing, I ask how you could sell the decoys at this low price. She then begain to tell me that they are not decoys they are lawn orniments,OK WHAT EVER. I am telling you fellows these things are full body decoys used for the lawn, so I bought 29 of them.Oh did I forget to tell you they were full body magnums decoys, convert a heads.I cant beleave the price of them. The manager ask me if I would like more of them,so I told her yes 6 doz more. You guys need to chek your local garden shops and hardware stores. On the bottom of the lawn orniments they say Flambeau extra large convert a head lawn orniment. I know I was talking about the floaters on my other post but the lady at the store told me to bring them to her and she would help me get new heads. Cnat beat that.