12-27-2002, 11:32 AM
Well guys here it is, my secert (ha,ha). It is just an old often forgotten method that us out East here can use in our smaller cornfields. The birds have been very cagey as of late, flaring off of the eliminators like mad. Yes, they have been mudded and camoed w/ corn chaff, and surronded with decoys. So here is my ace in the hole. You must have a decent wind to pull this off, 10-15 is about perfect. We set our rig smaller than normal apx. 50 BFs and 12 Higdon motion half shells 40 yds to the west of us. With most of those decoys 60 yds or better. The wind was blowin from the west. We placed our blind ( garden fencing w/ straw zip tied to it 16' long 4' high) against the hedge row that bordered a swale of low 5' brush and grass. Here was my plan; The geese would have to approach the decoys and swing directly over us. This offered us 2 advantages 1, we were perfectly hidden from the geese, and 2, close(25-30 yds.) range pass shots at these leary geese. Well the geese started flying and boy they were edgy. The would circle and circle, we called very little and only when the geese were not over us (clucks and moans). To make a long story short the first flock that comitted and slid in right over us at 30 feet you guys know the rest. A six man limit of 12 birds was harvested that bluebird morning. When the going gets tough you've got to remember the basics. Like Fred Zink says " You've got to do 3 things in order to harvest waterfowl, #1 you got to hide from the ducks,#2 look like the ducks and #3 sound like the ducks! " So as you can see, it is no secret as STUGOTS would have you guys believe. I hope someone can use this method to harvest some long-necked bastards, and make sure you send those bands you collect to me, care of DUCKDIGGLER !Oh,and STUGOTS ,you need to play nice with other Flocknocker members!!!!!!!!

12-27-2002, 01:21 PM
Nice post Todd! Good job on the carnage. Been doin em good on this end. If your intrested give me a call and we can float some birds together down this way.

As for techniques you have inspired me, here is one of my hidden techniques: When over your girl/boy friends house and ya have to take a crap but dont want to leave that imbarressing crap stain on the boil. Especially handy after several weeks of eating all that junk in the blind. 1. Put 2 layers of toilet paper on the surface of the water. 2. Crap away. 3.Flush 4. Walla NO stain.
Works like a charm!
Use it wisely boys and girls.:SK:


Pete S
12-27-2002, 02:30 PM
Thanks for posting those two tips guys.They are deffinetly things to live by.HEHEHE.
Pete S

12-27-2002, 04:52 PM
Diggler I always play nice you know that, is's just my rule that if I get even a little respect I give back loads of it. and if I don't get it then they can SUCK MY ASS. P.S seeya in the morning for another adventure.