View Full Version : Goose floaters & Wonderduck for sale

01-03-2003, 09:35 AM
I'm selling a dozen weighted Flambeau Goose Floater decoys. These are only 2 seasons old & haven't been used yet this season which is the second season so they are in excellent condition. They sell for $50 per 4, $150 for 12, & I'm selling them for $40 per 4, $120 for 12 which saves ya $30.

I'm also gonna sell one Wonderduck. This is also 2 seasons old & hasn't been used this season & is also in excellent condition. Maybe used half a dozen times last season. They sell for $100, I paid over that & am going to sell it for $80. This model swims, has feet, wings, & can be put on a pole for a spinner.

I can meet the buyer somewhere half way & prefer the goose floaters to sold somewhere close to Louisville, KY or you can pay for the shipping. Email (lesneville@hotmail.com), PM, or call (502-634-5029) me for questions or to buy them.

12 weighted Flam Goose Floaters $120
1 Wonderduck $80

"Let's make a deal boys!" :Rich:

01-05-2003, 11:40 AM
Wonderduck SOLD

Floaters are still for sale