View Full Version : Duck and Goose Calls for sale or trade

01-07-2003, 10:15 AM
1-Sean Mann Eastern Shoreman in tigerstripe, mint cond.$130
1-Tim Grounds long mag, oil finish cocobola $70
1-TaylorMade duck call, cocobola-70% $35
1-Hambone duck call, cocobola-90% $35
1-Jim King, cocobola duck call, 100% $35
1- Chappel-Cain reelfoot style duck call, cocobola 100% $80
2-John Asbile reelfoot style duck calls, cocobola 100% $50 each
1-Carlson plastic duck call, used $20
1 doz. Flambeau goose floaters, like new $100
1 doz. Flambeau super mag. duck decoys, like new $75

Cleaning out the gun cabinet and garage, email me captain2560@hotmail.com