View Full Version : Calls For Sale/ Trade

Black Brant
01-10-2003, 11:24 AM

A Buddy of mine has asked me to list these calls for him

#1 Foiles Canadain Classic # 132 of #200 Call is in excellent shape $180.00

#2 Fowl Language Acrylic Black & Clear slight scratches on inside of barrel but outside and Band are in Good Shape $ 65.00

#3 RNT Cocabola used two seasons, wood in perfect conditon
slight tarnish to band $55.00

He'll trade for other Acrylic RNT Calls in , Passion,Screwdriver
Blue,Blue Devil, Amber or Kelly Green, or RNT Timber & Short
Barrel Style Calls in acrylic any Color and also trade for Full Body Decoys or FA Blinds, Or Extended invector plus Choke Tubes for a BPS

you can email me at woodybuff@aol.com with your offers