View Full Version : Here comes the Arctic Air !!!!

01-11-2003, 09:06 AM
And the geese will follow to the shoreline!!! Can't wait!! DUCKSBANE it's time to break out the whoopin stick, 5 Honks a day. Bring on the jewelry. Hey DB, how'd ya make out with the aluminium this season so far? Dr. Bob did ya score any metal? How about you guys up in Mass. or VT.? Just curious. I shot 3 goose bands, 0 duck bands. Our group shot 9 goose bands and 3 duck bands. Not too shabby for around here. Let's hear some reports guys!

Pete S
01-11-2003, 12:24 PM
Todd cold air thats a underststement!!!!Went out whith two buddies this morning for the last day of the MA centeral season.I FROZE MY F$%&ing BALLS OFF !!!!!!!!did'nt shoot a damn bird.Outa the crew that I hunt whith.Only got two bands.Both were ducks.One was a drake woodie and the other was a drake Mallard.No goose bands.And we let the birds work real close and checked them out real good for jewelary.Next Sat is the start of our late season.I don't know but I may be out of luck.No one has seen any geese since New Years day.I think the last storm has drove them all down to you.Happy Hunting

Pete S

01-11-2003, 07:07 PM
5 duck bands and only 2 goose bands. Killed alot of geese already for only 2 bands. Leaving for OR on the 18th for 8 days of duck killing. Did them good today but no bands...again! I need to get it together as I am 3/4 the way full of jewelry on my 2nd lanyard. Got 1 full but them duck bands dont takeup enough spaceHEHEHEHE! :TT:

I will call ya.

We will take good care of those geese for ya and ship ya the bands.:cool: