View Full Version : FOOT BALL QUESTION

01-11-2003, 07:46 PM
Ok fellows and gals, I do not know a thing about foot ball so bare with me. I tried to watch a foot ball game tonight, steelers and titans I think that was the players names. Any way here goes the question. Why if the team had three downs, and played one more play got a first down, to me that would be the four downs. And why if the team with the ball, past it to there man and he gets tackled would the ref throw a bean bag and a yellow flag call it unnessary roughness and give them 15 yards. Is this 15 yards back for the team with the ball, or 15 yards forward for the team without the ball. sorry for being so dumb but I really do not get it. Then the one team losses(steelers) and the coach gets mad at the refs for lossing the game. Hello here you lost get over it.