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01-15-2003, 11:01 AM
I have never seen the G&H's in use.. (either in person or on video)... For those of you who have are they that good???? (better than the Higdon's to justify that much xtra $$$).....
IMO regular G&H shells on stakes need alot of wind to move, and even then the movement is bare minimal.... The Higdon's on the hand really waddle about and need very little wind.... How do the Mirage's seem????

ext. goose
01-16-2003, 06:59 AM
I have some G n H and I really like the movement they add. As far as the extra money, they probably aren't worth the extra money I think the gnh were 150??? The higdons are 100 bucks. I don't know how the Higdons work but would like to get my hands on a few to try.

01-16-2003, 06:46 PM
Higdons stackables are the best thing since the bigfoot.
Got a dozen just to try and I am happy as I can be with them.
Good color , seem to be tough , take Nothing away from a foot spread as the shell is a full body with no belly and feet.
Compact: a doz takes up slightly more room than 4 broken down bigfeet. Cost is good when compared to other fullbodies.
The movement is tunable by how high you set them. They turn side into the wind which is strange but that really shows the movement better anyway.
I do prefer the feeders to the standard mix. The motion looks like feeding geese. Imagine that........
Getting another dozen next weekend .
I am sold!

G&H are really nice but side by side I have to go with the Higdons across the board. Like no question .

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01-16-2003, 07:02 PM
Ive got a dozen stackable higdons and I love them too. They look just like a bigfoot, but they seem to be walking around. You can see them in the the Zink hunt on WW7.

01-17-2003, 10:09 AM
FANATIC, Our group that hunts together mixed 1 doz. of the Higdons in our BigFoot spread. They are just awesome!!! Movement is realistic, easy to deploy (even in frozen ground), and the color is right on!! Like them so much we are already adding more to the spread(just added a dozen, last week). Haven't had any experience with the G&H, but I think you'll be happy with the Higdon decoys.

01-18-2003, 09:28 AM
Thanks guys....:cool:

Big Bad Wolf
01-20-2003, 01:01 PM
I have two dozen Mirages. Motion is awesome, size is awesome (bigger than a bigfoot). It sounds like a lot guys like the Higdons and I am sure they are great, but..... Higdon's have a a reputation of their paint not staying on. I thought it was bunk, but I got 18 of their new feeder style full bodies last year and after using them on maybe 30 hunts the paint looks like hell. G&H has the reputation of paint staying on and their decoys being overall indestructable. I went with the Mirages and couldn't be happier. We hunted a few days with 5 doz Foots and 5 Doz Mirages and from a hundred yards it looked like ants crawling over the field, I think the G&H's get more of a rolling movement going rather than just side to side. I perosnally think that G&H makes a better decoy than Higdon but I am not sure if the price difference is worth it. I am going to wait until next year and see how the paint and overall decoy held up on the Higdon's. If guys are still singing their praises then the price difference will make it a no brainer.

01-20-2003, 04:25 PM
How do the Higdon stackables stand in when there is no wind at all? Do they lean to one side or do they stand strait up? Thanks for the help. MC8

01-21-2003, 09:57 AM
MC8 , as long as you put the metal stake in the ground straight the decoys sit straight. Looks just like a BigFoot w/o the feet. Hope this answer the question for ya.

01-25-2003, 05:00 AM
I prefer the higdon stackables. As for the paint coming off a buddy of mine uses higdon full bodies and the paint on them is fine even after going in and out of the truck a couple hundred times .

01-28-2003, 03:29 AM
I bought 3 dozens Stackables this year. I think they look great. The the paint seem's to hold up very well. The color's are awesome. I think I have shown my buddies for the price of 2 dozen bigfeet we can get 3 dozen Higdon's. I still will continue to buy Bigfeet but the movement of the Higdon's is amazing and the amount you can carry is so much more. Althought you have to put the heads on them and place the stakes in the ground , the movement will leave you looking at them and not in the air for geese. We all got to watching them move in the wind and about got $hit on by a flock
I like the feeder's more than the original ones. They look more like a bigfoot. My suggestion would be to get some of them. I think you will really like 'em. I plan on buying several more before next year. GOOD LUCK!!!

01-28-2003, 02:05 PM
Thanks guys for the replies... I actual have th higdons... Love em... Just thinking about tring these Mirage's... I am not one to ever complain about the cost of anything when it comes to goosin, these just seemed a bit too much for what they seem???
More than foots.... I am going to give em a whirl anyway, and see what I like better.....

Anyways, thanks again.... :cool:

02-13-2003, 01:09 PM
I had the Original Stackables and really liked em but didn't care for the feeder head. Just today I recieved 12 of the New Feeder Stackables and set em out in the yard. MAN...they look GREAT. I'm going to save up and get another dozen. The Stackables should be killer mixed in with the HC's that I have coming. Can't wait till next season. Later, Murph.:Rich: