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01-20-2003, 09:32 AM
My brothers and I are hunting the evening flight on our lease. We get there at 1:30 figuring that with the moon phase and the cold weather the previous two days that we would have plenty of time to get set up for the flight we figured would start at 3:00 or so. Well there are already guys around our leased field set up from the morning. There are birds in the air so we make like crazy to get our rig set up. As we drive into the field we notice the guy who has the lease to the south of us has about a third of his decoys 20 yards into our lease. His pit is about twenty yards south of the property line. No time to deal with this, got to get the decoys set and the vehicle parked. We bust our butts and get the stuff set up in about 30 minutes. All the while birds are in the air. Now the closest spread to us is 300 yards or so ( the guy with decoys on our lease). During breaks in the flight we continue to tweak our spread because the wind was changing and becoming lighter. Later we find out the geese had to fly over five other spreads before they get to us. Needless to say, the birds were high and very skittish. We end up not capping a round. When my brother goes to get the truck and trailer, the guy who was south of us proceeds to tell my brother how "That was the most inconsiderate thing I've ever seen. It took you guys an hour and a half to get set up and there are birds in the air!" My brother tells this guy that "We set up in 30 minutes. We were hunting the evening flight which is typically 3:00 or so. If we wait for a break of an hour that the birds aren't flying to get set up, we would never get in to the field and by the way keep your decoys off our lease!" The guys says "What's the big deal, it was only 20 yards!" To which my brother replies "We lease every square inch of this field! Keep you stuff off our lease whether we are here or not!" So now my brother is pissed and the other guy is pissed and no other words are exchanged. The next time we hunt this lease, we are going to put up a few more "Leased, No Trespassing" signs just north of his pit on a nice blaze orange 3 by 3 piece of norboard attached to a fence post.

NE Hunter
01-20-2003, 07:14 PM
Sorry to hear of your bad luck. I like your idea of posting blaze orange signs. Keep the sorry SOB's off your lease!!! Where in western KS are you located?? I use to live in Hays--went to Fort Hays---my wife and I just moved from there in August.

01-21-2003, 06:27 AM
NE Hunter, I live in Hays. When did you graduate from FHSU? I had several brothers that went to FHSU as well.

01-22-2003, 12:42 PM
Hey I heard about this. Good thing I wasn't with you, don't know if I would have been so polite to the SOB. We hunted the West Lease on Sunday the 18th and maybe saw 500 birds working our way. Nothing flew, we stayed til noon then headed for home. A lot of people were staying, must have been evening flight. I checked on your lease on Sunday and the guys were not there. There was a burgandy pickup parked on the road and they must have been set up in the middle of the field south of you. Hope to get to hunt with you again soon.

01-22-2003, 01:55 PM
Clayshooter42, I'm sure we'll get something worked out again before the end of the season. I got some of the pictures developed and I'll bring them along with me. Some of those geese are BIG!