View Full Version : Ne Honkers

01-27-2003, 02:04 PM
We wrecked some geese this weekend,no doubt about it. Saturday we decoyed 5 flocks...Killed out with the last bird taken out of a flock of 100 or so cacklers. Sunday we decoyed a HUGE flock of cacklers,everyone in the blind shot well...15 fell dead out of that flock. Must of been 200 birds hanging over the water. We packed up at 2 pm and watched geese fly the river. We needed 3 but we were all tired,so we called it a day. Could of easily shot the other 3 we needed. Im trying to figure out how to post up some pics. Hopefully I can figure it out,I have some awesome pics I want everyone to see. hehe

Long Live the Goose Gods!