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01-29-2003, 04:40 PM
Well one of my old buddies called me up out of the blue today and asked me if I like to goose hunt. Well to make a long story short he asked me to meet him 1 1/2 miles outside of town at 4:30 needless to say there was a 320 acre field that was covered in geese. He took me up and introdued me to the land owner and as we did it we had to drive through the middle of the geese and they just walked around our truck. Lady told me that there was two geese that had some kind of tracking device on there neck of some sort that she has been watching all week. Hell I went nuts and almost went nutz.

Well we are going to give it hell and maybe just maybe we will be lucky enough to bag one of those beautiful necklaces:Art:

01-29-2003, 11:02 PM
you lucky dog.. good luck..

Dont tell me these things, i get jealous lol jk

01-30-2003, 08:36 AM
Let us know how it goes.

01-31-2003, 06:47 AM
Well, I went out last night to scout and talk to the landowner a little more and my buddy talked me into hunting. I guess I really couldn't complain I shot my limit in 35 minutes. My buddy on the other hand couldn't hit anything. Oh well we walked out with 4 birds and one of them has to be the biggest bird I have ever seen. Gotta love them locals.

Ended up meeting the other kid that hunts the field. What sucks about the deal is the landowner told us that we have to hunt together or no hunting at all. Well he plans on bringing in 6 guys plus himself, although they have 84 foots and 200 plus silo's. I guess we will have a spread close of 400 decs out this weekend. Should be some serious :wak: