View Full Version : any one getting into contest

02-12-2003, 04:16 PM
Since its the off season now, just wondering if any of you guys are gonna be getting into some contests.

Eric Strand
02-12-2003, 05:59 PM
i plan on blowing in a bunch of contests.

" Shoot em with there feet down "
Eric Strand

Brett Neffendorf
02-12-2003, 06:33 PM
I plan on blowing in atleast 1 this summer, Maybe 2. I am going to try to make it to the Pacific Flyway regional.... and If im not gone I will do the Oregon contest.

02-12-2003, 08:55 PM

I plan on blowin at a few.

Maybe I can get you to give me some lessons on dat goose callin stuff.

02-13-2003, 09:23 AM
I hope to call in the Delaware state in September!! I know I am giong to get beat but oh well I will give it a try.
Good Huntin,

Brett Neffendorf
02-13-2003, 12:04 PM
Yo chris my foooolllll..... Wheres the confidence big guy? Oh hey dont worry you cant be as bad as me now can ya?

02-14-2003, 12:25 PM
I plan on blowing in as many as i can:BM:

02-17-2003, 05:22 PM
I was thinking about blowing at the Oregon contest but i need to get a comp call first.