View Full Version : Wyatt and WW get 3rd AKC Jr. Hunt Test Pass !!

02-19-2003, 08:43 AM
Wyatt and Ol' WW went to Arlington , Az. this weekend and ran back to back Jrs. We passed on Saturday , but didn't do so well on Sunday. It was a tough test on Sunday and didn't even make the first mark. I could go on about the test but I wasn't very happy with how it was setup and how the judges made exceptions for some dogs and not others I though that it was suppose to be the same test for all dogs and handlers I learned a valuable lesson though. I will stay away from any future tests that this judge will be at Overall my family and I and Wyatt had a great time. My 10 year old daughter got to run 2 dogs in the Jr. Series. It was her first time handling a dog and she did very well. She made it farther than her old man did , she also made some new friends. And she will be getting her own pup as a gift from the lady that let her run the dogs!! She also learned that she can recieve points towards a scholarship for running at these tests. We just might have a future champion handler in the making!! I will post up some pics from the tests when we get the film back.


02-20-2003, 12:46 PM
Sounds like the whole family had a blast! I love running the hunt tests and training for them. Some of those judge's have something to prove to themselves huh???? Have fun this spring and keep training!

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