View Full Version : Question on Cam Unit for the Higdon Finisher...

02-22-2003, 09:44 PM
Well gentlemen,, I got my hands on a cam unit from Speckler.. Thanks Jon... Now I have to figure out what I'm doing in the field with it.

I have never operated one, and I can see that it is basically a mater of setting it up , and after pulling the on/off switch.. that part I can handle..

The setting up part looks questionable..
Any tips on getting this rigged properly.. Tips on pre-setup.. Storage of lines.. connecting lines using fishing swivels ? ?

I need all the help I can get... and YES>> the wife is looking for a better then good demo to justify the surprise purchase....


the dawg...soon to be in the dog house...

02-23-2003, 07:27 AM
Trigger...you really need to get the cam kit set up instructions from Higdon. E-mail them or better yet give them a call. They are Great people and I'm sure that they will send you one.

First off, get some 5/0 black or anodized swivels for attachment of the operating cord to the head. Buy several extras because you or your buddies WILL trip over the cords. Without the swivels you can damage the head or bend the actuating arms. The wire end on the snap swivel will open up or straighten and release when you trip over the cord and won't cause damage to the Cam Kit.

There is a cord management system attached to each side of the cam kit for the purpose of cord storage. It is a u shaped wire, welded to the frame.

When setting up the actuating levers to the operating cord, leave the battery disconnected. You won't know the position of the on/off switch and it hurts like hell if the cam operates and your finger is in the wrong place.

Before attaching the operating cords to the decoys, make sure that the cam follower that operates the lever is in the notch on the cam. This assures you that the system is at rest and you won't damage the arms if you have the operating cords set too tight.

Replace the switch with a Heavy Duty type. The OEM switch is a light duty(less than 3 amp) switch and will fail. Remove it paying special attention to the connections and take the switch to a local electrical supply house and get a new one.

Last thing...make sure that you provide some means of secure attachment for the shell decoy that is placed on the cam kit to hide the battery. Trust me on this one, it will blow off at the most inopportune time.

I hope that I was of some help. Like I said, contact Higdon for a set of instructions and practice setting up the system. It should take you about 20 min. to set up when you get more familiar with it. You WILL kill more Geese with the Cam Kit. Later, Murph.