View Full Version : MA sportsman alert!

03-05-2003, 08:21 PM
It seems that our new governor Mitt "The Sh*t" Romney has some grand new plans for our sportsman dollars. The new state budget calls for rolling Div. of F&W, Marine Fisheries, Waterfowl Management, DEM, etc. all under a new Dept. of Environment controlled by a new Exec. Office of Development. All dedicated funds provided through sporting licence fees, wildlands stamps, etc. would be rolled into the General Fund. If this happens we will lose not only our dedicated funds but also the federal dollars provided through Pitman/Robinson; Wallup/Breaux, etc. as these are $$ matching type programs. We need to make sure that the word gets out to our rep's & the governor that we pay for our programs and want to see them retained as is. Not to mention that your FID/LTC will now cost you $75 ($37.50 to the general fund); your boat registration is going up, etc. Check out the Goal.org website for info. on the proposed changes or www.ma.gov for the online budget. We lost big a few years ago with the passage of Question 1; if we don't beat these proposals we will lose everything. Write your rep's and network through your sportmans groups to make your opinion known!!