View Full Version : Turned front legs

04-14-2003, 09:34 AM
Alright, I had a guy give me a registered chocolate lab yesterday. He said he was getting rid of her because she just sat in the kennel and the family didn't pay attention to her anymore. I figured I could try to train her and see what she was worth.

I've learned she is an escape artist! She will tear the fence up with her teeth just to get out. When she gets out she won't run away, just roam around the house. While I have some reinforcing to do on the kennel I had a question about her legs.

I noticed her front legs are slightly turned outward. Is this a problem or does it mean anything? There are two OFA certifications and two DNA analysis' done in her bloodline, but they are two and three generations back. Should this concern me and cause me not to want to breed her?

She is still intact and I wouldn't mind breeding her, but I won't consider it until I see how she will train and how she will hunt. That will then make up my mind on whether I breed her or spay her.