View Full Version : Flipper.. The Canadian went overboard with the Brown

05-12-2003, 08:08 PM
Ok.. I was excited.. got my paint and hydromist.. mixed in some alcohol to thin the paint. The tan went fast.. did 6 Higdon in about 1.5 hrs.. Started to work on the Chocolate brown and realized I went to wide on the tan.. So I'll just cover up the tan with the Chocolate ... :CL:

Gee Chocolate..look like red chocolate..

Maybe I should be painting with the paint, and drinking the alcohol....

HELP>>> I have 6 Red GEESE>>> BS: BS: BS:


05-12-2003, 09:01 PM
Yup, you went a little over board! You need about 1/1000 of the paint you put on. Just shade a little of the feather inside the tan line with the brown. Key word is (Shade), not cover up the base color. Try not to think in solid colors. You might be able to add some black to the brown and make a darker brown and shade a portion of the red brown feather. I would mist some tan over the red zone to lighten it and also redo your feather edges then try some brown with a few drops of black to darken it a little. Don't wrap the brown so far down on the sides, it should start getting lighter toward the belly. Mist more tan on the side pockets than on the back to try and lighten them up to fix it. Easy on the trigger, Trigger!!! he he