06-04-2003, 09:17 PM
Thought you all might find this interesting

Service Regulation Committee (SRC) meeting June 18-19 begins @ 8:30am in Room 200 in the Arlington Square Building on North Fairfax Road : Frameworks for dove, snipe, rail, woodcock, early teal and Sept goose set. All 4 flyways attend and discuss with FWS seasons bag limits and other early season issues. 2 days but 1st day is probably all you would need to attend. Open to public but there isn't a forum for public input, you mainly listen and could observe the process. The National Flyway Council meets the afternoon of the 18th to discuss issues that have been brought up at the SRC and are controversial or needs all flyways support.

These meetings rarely have outside guests but I do think it would be something to see at least see how the process works.

DGIF Board meeting June 27 4010 west broad street: setting of webless migratory, sept goose and early teal seasons. begins at 9am.

Atlantic Flyway Technical Section and Council meeting July 21-25 Allenberry PA ( about 4 hours from Richmond): The tech section meets long days on Monday and Tuesday in various committees to discuss issues and prepare recommendations to be presented to the council. The committees is where the rubber meets the road. Biologists from the entire flyway and FWS staff make up the committees. Council meets on Thursday and Friday to hear committee reports , status reports and other informative topics then votes on the recommendations from the tech section. usually the council has a full day Thursday and to 3/4 day on

The July 30-31 SRC meeting will be covering regular duck seasons and goose seasons and are usually more controversial and interesting than the June SRC. This meeting is also held in the same place as the June
meeting and starts at 8:30am

DGIF public input meeting August 5 7-9 in our board room. We go over the frameworks that were set at the SRC and get input on season dates and bag limits.

DGIF Board meeting August 21. Board approves duck, goose and swan seasons and bag limits. starts at 9am