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06-23-2003, 04:01 PM
Well, gonna pick up a new pup tomorrow and want to get the training right. Any info that you guys have on basic training techniques would be great. I have always had dogs, but I wan tthis one to be a good gun dog - not a super star trials dog, but just a "damn that is a good dog" retriever. Let me have the info. anything will help. Guess you are gonna be seeing a lot more of me here!

06-24-2003, 05:02 AM
I think everyone here will give you the same bit of advice, I'm just the first one to post it.

Get yourself at least one retriever training book, but before you do, decide if you're going to train with a collar or not. That will dictate what type of book you get. If you decide to train with a collar, I'd recommend the Tritronics book by Dobbs. If not, give "training your retriever" by James Lamb Free a try. It is an older book, but still one of the best. There are tons of others, but these are the ones I'd recommend.

There are pluses and minuses to both, and you might change your mind in the middle of your training, depending on the temperment of your dog.

What are the genetics of the dog? IMO, that will dictate a lot of the decision on the collar. Field Trial or Hunt Test titles in the genetics tend to produce higher energy dogs (I'd call it hyper, but dog breeders call it "drive and determination"). More "hunting" or backyard breedings can produce both hyper and layed back dogs, just look at the parents for an indication.

Check out your local retriever clubs also. They are a wealth of knowledge where you can ask tons of questions without all this typing, and they have regular training days that are better than what most people can setup in their backyard. You aren't required to go to the trials or tests, but you just might change your mind once you watch one. IMO, they make you and your dog better, because they force you to train to a standard, and you are less likely to allow bad habits like breaking or whining, because you know the standard for the tests, and you train for them. I'm like you, and just wanted a great hunting dog, but when I watched a hunt test, I was hooked, and they made me a better trainer, and my dog ten times better at hunting.

With all that said, since you are just about to pick up the dog, the first thing I would work on is bonding with your dog. The best dog you will ever work with is the one that trusts you, and is working because it pleases you. When I get a new pup, they go everywhere with me. To the store, ballgames, working in the yard, whatever. Make them your friend, and they will do anything for you, just like a human friend would. After you bond with the dog, you can slowly start in your obedience. The books will take you from there.

Remember! Take it slow at first. You don't want them to burn out or get stressed out early. Keep it fun for both of you, and it will be smooth sailing.

Congrats, and good luck on your pup.

06-24-2003, 02:02 PM
Thats a good answer to the question. About the only thing I would add would be to start crate training also. There is another good book "The 10 Minute Retriver" I cant remember by whom as I loaned mine out. I would also recomend checking out a retriever club in your area. Best wishes and good luck with the pup!