View Full Version : Hows the gunning in your parts

06-24-2003, 06:34 PM
of the Atlantic Flyway? Any Cheasapeake guys on here, whats it like there. Here in Northern Vermont it is strickly hit or miss on ducks, and geese numbers are good early in the season. Ducks are great just about freeze up time....

06-25-2003, 05:23 AM
Up here in Newfoundland, Blacks and GW Teal make up the majority of early season hunts. Not really hot shooting, normally bag a few however.
Later in the season the blacks really flock up and more divers move in, mostly Goldeneye and Mergansers. As the inland lakes and ponds freeze up gunning gets its prime as the birds move out to the salth2o. If it doesn't get too cold before the season closes a good many birds hang around. If its cold and freezes solid they do the migration down towards you shooters :bang:

Geese are hit or miss here, not much field hunting. We hunt the Bogs (like tundra) for the honks and some black ducks, or the large lakes and salth2o flats where the birds gather.

Sea Duck and Turre (Murre) shooting is the best here. Limits on Turres are 20/hunter and a good many days that could be shot. Sea duck limits are 6/hunter and we offer several areas to harvest Eiders (King and Common) and Oldsquaw plus the odd Scoter. Population of seaducks seem to be goin up the past few seasons.

Also gun in Prince Edward Island, gunning for geese over there is really good. Last season we had some awesome shoots with thousands of birds. One of the best days we had hundreds down in the spread and didn't bother to shoot. Let a good many flocks pass that morning but still got a limit.