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06-29-2003, 08:11 AM
Looking for an opinion. I'm not exactly sure what you call it, so I'll refer to it as the "third eyelid" which is located on the bottom inside "corner" of a dogs eye.

The "third eyelid" on my 6 month old black labs eyes seem to creep up on each eyeball. Sometimes they cover a portion of the iris and the bottom of the third eyelid is pink ("could be that way naturally").

Is this an eye defect? Perhaps it is cosemetic only as there appear to be negative side effects. The eyes don't tear or seem irritated and the dog isn't bothered.

Thanks for the advice if any can be given.

06-30-2003, 12:33 PM
I've never really seen it on a lab before that I can recall but my brother has a bassett hound and he had to have that trimmed back because of the same reason. You might just call your local vet~!

Nevada Jim
06-30-2003, 03:13 PM
Look and see if this diagram and information about a Lab's eyes provides any answer for you.


Woods and Water
06-30-2003, 04:27 PM
I would take the dog in to have the vet look and see if there s a problem..never seen that before.Just went to check my labs and they dont have that issue,let us know what happens.

07-04-2003, 12:08 PM
Thanks for the help. I did bring my lab to the vet for a routine checkup and my dog is just having an allergic reaction to something... pollen, fertilizer, etc. The third eyelid has a tendency to creep up because it's just doing it's job of trying to keep the eyeball moist and clear. A couple of eyedrops a day has helped.