View Full Version : Another Painting question

07-16-2003, 08:49 PM
I read through most of the painting threads and didn't see this addressed. Well, I see Flipper recommends Testors Dull Coat on and after reading tons of reviews all over the net this seems to be the winner for flattening. He typically talks about using this on the head of a goose.

Well, I have some new big foots that have just arrived and I don't like their shiny heads, so I am going to spray on the Testors.

Here is my question, if it will help flatten the color on the head, why not use it on the whole goose. Although the rest of the goose really isn't shiny, it might help on a blue bird day and wouldn't it help protect the paint, too. I was going to PM Flipper but I feel like I have asked him too many questions already. Anybody try this, how did it turn out, and how many cans did you need for how many bigfoots?

I am sure someone will say just flock them and I realize this is an option, but I am more interested in the testors question.

07-17-2003, 05:17 AM
Some people think a dull lacquer finish will shine up in time like a hand rubbed lacquer finish. Those little cans are kind of expensive. Most of the people doing re-paints or custom painting on their foots are adding a flattener to kill the gloss and not using a clear. Hope this helps.:Rich: