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07-21-2003, 03:19 PM
hey man,

the more i study your decoys, the more i notice things that you have done to them. first, how many different colors are you useing?? second, it looks like the side of the decoys are lighter brown than the wings. did you just go lighter on the paint or is that a different color. also, do you think that addind the black in between the wings and the body to show shadow is a good idea or does it not make a difference?? thanks man


Nick Johnson
07-21-2003, 04:56 PM
I am only using the 3 colors, Sahara Tan, Chocolate Brown, and Detail Black from taxidermy.com . And in regards to the lighter sides, its the same color brown, just a little less put on, and less black accent. And the black line down the side, I think it is not neccesary but wont hurt, just dont go overboard, not many geese have a big dark like.

What I do with the colors is mix the brown with the black till I get a nice dark brown. Then when the decoy is finished with the tan and brown, I put black in and shoot it at an extreme angle from the back to catch the edges on the side. Then I spray black from about a foot and a half away directly on the top to darken and soften the top. Then I also do the angle to get into the edges.

I hope this helps, if theres anything more Im happy to help.