View Full Version : HELP!! anyone who has painted higdon's

08-06-2003, 10:14 AM
ok, i am looking at getting some higdon feeders, i don't know if i should get the stackable feeders or the full-body feeders?? i will be airbrushing what ever i get, so my question is, what is easier to brush?? last night i was trying to brush some old (i think it was a different style or something) upright higdon full bodys, and it was driving me nuts. the feathers are too small and the paint i was using just didn't stand out on the higdons like it did on the foots?? so are all higdon decoys hard to paint or just the older models or just the uprights or what?? are the feeders feather deatil really small feathers making it hard to paint?? what about the stackables, how hard are they to paint in comparison to the "original" style foots?

thanks fellas


08-21-2003, 11:56 AM
Higdon's are more difficult to paint, specially up near the back behind the head.. There are way to many small feathers to paint. I started off with a med tip brush, and quickly jumped to a fine tip, else I would have covered those little feathers....

If you painting with the tan, it should stand out well compared to the paint on the Higdon's.. If it isn't, then you may have something I haven't run into yet.

Have fun and post up on how it comes out.


08-21-2003, 12:07 PM

The HIgdon stackable feeders are very easy to paint. Great big feathers.

Now the Higdon full body feeders are apain in the a$$. WHat I have done is to just ignore the molded feathers and draw my own using the airbrush. If you will be at Jasons this weekend I will shoot some for you to give you an idea.