View Full Version : Getting my dog to jump into the back of the truck

Joshua Folkerts
08-21-2003, 12:30 PM
I was wondering how to teach your dog to jump into the back of the truck. He is 9.5 months old and he just puts his front paws up and waits for you to pick him up. I need help with this one, and another question. My dog retireves good but looses intrest at about 15 minutes and will not retrieve the birds. he does awesome when he wants to but looses intrest. Any suggestions.

thanks joshua

08-21-2003, 07:56 PM
Get him real excited with a bone or even a dummy and throw it into the truck and say UPTRUCK. Or if you have a porch or padio and just start say UPTRUCK and they'll get it. With the retrieving problem just start taking the dummies and dranging it on the ground to make the dog excited and it wil go for more.


08-22-2003, 01:39 AM
My dog was the same at that age. She did a great job but would lose interest after about 5 minutes of training. Now she is a year and a half old and she wears me out. She can't get enough.

08-22-2003, 06:09 AM
For getting the dog into the truck, you just need to spend time with the "kennel" command. If you've ever read the tritronics training book, kennel is a very important command in that system of training. It helps when you start training for casts, and gives the dog somewhere that it knows is its own place, and he won't get disturbed or yelled at. Once the dog knows the kennel command, and is enthusiastic about getting into the kennel on the ground, put the kennel in the back of the truck and repeat the kennel command. You may have to raise your voice once or twice, but the dog will do what it has to do to follow your commands.

As for the lack of interest, at that age, I would worry more that you are training too long. You should be keeping your training sessions short, and work more sessions in if you feel you need more time. I try to keep below 10 minutes at a time until they are about a year. If you are stopping or kenneling a dog in between different drills, that's different. You get the point. Bottom line, if you train to the point where your dog is losing interest, he is also losing enthusiasm and getting bored. That is the last thing you want, especially at this age. At the first sign of boredom, end your training immediately, and put the dog back in the kennel, even if it is a house dog. You might also try kenneling the dog for 10-20 minutes prior to training also, both will give your dog time to focus, and your training sessions will be more productive and longer.

You will learn to read a particular dog very quickly. After all, training sessions are training both of you, not just the dog. The enthusiasm will increase, and the training sessions can get longer. If you train when the dog isn't in the right mindset, or is bred, then you are inviting disaster by incorporating negative feelings, or bad habits.

08-23-2003, 02:47 PM
chcltlabz has given you sound advice. we all want our retrievers to the best, but i think our ambitions superceed our practicality very often. take your time and slow down. your efforts will be rewarded down the road. i am constantly reminding myself that i need to quit while im ahead. 8 months to a year is an akward age for pup. it takes more patience than time. do you have any literature? if not i would recommend john and amy dahl's "ten minute retriever". mike lardy's total retriever video set is relatively expensive, but no doubt the best video on the market. good luck!!!


08-24-2003, 06:48 PM
I had a lab that done me that way and the way I solved it was take a real hot day and take the dog for a ride out where there is no traffic problem and get it out of the truck and tell it to kennel; if it does the same thing ;get in the truck and drive for about 200 yds. then tell it to kennel; if it does the same ;go for another 200yd drive. Keep this up until when you stop after it has run for about a mile it will knock the back window out of your truck trying to get in when you stop. Also park your truck in a valley or ditch to where the tailgate is not as high as usual and throw a bumper in the back and tell it to kennel; after it gets used to that level ;move your truck.

08-26-2003, 08:34 PM
Throw a piece of hot dog in the back and say Kennel Up. Keep workin it, your pup will catch on.