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09-07-2003, 10:55 AM
Well being new to the "LAB" scene could somebody explain what force fetching is and how to do it.

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09-07-2003, 06:00 PM
i second that emotion. yellardawg speaks the truth once again. the Dahl's (oakhill) have super good info...look into their book "the ten minute retriever". also check out mike lardy's total retriever training videos. he takes you through a very thorough FF program. 1) hold 2) hold/heel 3) ear pinch fetch 4) walking fetch 5) stick fetch 6) collar fetch...thats yard work in a nut shell. field work would include marks while demanding FF principles...or hold off on marks until FF is complete. once you complete this program, your retriever will deliver to hand. one thing that doesnt get mentioned too often in retriever literature is that FF can get ugly sometimes. i have seen pros resort to brutal techniques that are borderline abusive, but this is a very demanding era in your retrievers life. it is the foundation for the remainder of a complete retriever training program. FF sets up blind retrieves, which sets up handling skills. FF separates well mannered retrievers from average meat dogs. it can take 10 days or it can take months. i just completed FF with 9 month Chesapeake. it took 2 months with lots of frustrations, but we got through it and now Tanner is beginning blinds and "backs". totally worth the effort!!