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08-05-2000, 06:52 PM
Just wanted to say hello. Arkansas Jack ,AKA
Dickbreaker told me about you. I thought I'd tell you a little about him. He is actually the one as full of shit as a X-Mas Goose.
And no matter what he tells you he has a recepie or two for geese. Duck hunting is great, but if he tells you the truth, him and I agree that snow geese make the old mallard look stupid. Later

08-05-2000, 07:01 PM
Gates welcome to the goose forum. We will treat you much better than old Jack does. And a couple of the guys here have been known to tell the truth from time to time, hehe. No I ain't BSing you. I can speak for every guy here when I say we would never ever expect AJ to tell the truth, and if he did his ass would fall of for sure.

"We'er All About Geese"

Arkansas Jack
08-05-2000, 10:38 PM
I Cant Believe My Eyes!!!!!

My long time, number one duck buddy (Gates), is giving me shit on a goose forum?!?!?!?

Gates and I have hunted together for around 15 years!! He talked me into hunting the dreaded Snow Goose!!

We made around 1200 windsocks, and started hunting snow geese after duck season closed.

We had an assembly line from hell!!! I was cutting out tyvek material, Gate's wife was sewing them together, Gates was gluing the neck rings and punching the holes for the stakes, and I was painting the decoys and making rubber washers to hold them on the stakes!!

Now we are ready for the first hunt!!!

Carl and I go to set the decoys out in a rice field that we plan on hunting the next morning!! We had geese swarming the decoys as we were putting them out....thousands!! I could not hardly sleep that night!!

I wake up the next morning with a 102 degree temperature and six inches of SNOW on the ground!!! I knew the snow had us screwed and I felt horrible....But I went anyway!!

To make a long story short.....I hung in there till about 9:00am....I was sick, freezing, and near death!!hehe

The snow melted in a few days and we went back to the field on a Wednesday morning....the wind was howling!!

The first group that came in was probably around 3000!!! They buzzed the decoys at about 20 yards!! We were in such amazement that we never fired a shot!!!

We flat more hammered'em that morning!! We thought that hunting the snow goose was EASY!!!

We soon figured out....You need WIND to kill snow geese in the decoys!! 20 plus mph!!

Damn those things are smart!! Too many eyes!!

Now I hear that the Canada goose is the easiest of all waterfowl to decoy!?!? Is this true fellows???

All jokes aside....How are the Canada geese on the table?? As compared to ducks??....I love the taste of duck....But I am not real crazy about the snow geese!!

08-05-2000, 11:11 PM
Shit Jack you rat holed enough of those spices I sent you to eat all the geese you are going to kill, hehe. Nope nope nope well I said that wrong. Shit Jack you rat holed ten times more than enough spices I sent you to eat all the geese you will kill in Canada. HEHEHE. Them geese don't eat near as good as a duck but them canadas are not near as bad as the snow geese.
Jack you will have more damn fun up there than you will believe. It is truly awsome up there, and you have a good guide lined up, your set man. Take lots of pictures we want to see you with a pile of dead geese.

"We'er All About Geese"