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01-04-2004, 11:47 AM
Hey guys I am not sure how to deal with this, I have a 3 year old black lab that hunts great but just in the last month I have had a problem with him eating everything he can possibly reach in our kitchen (4 dozen cookies left on the counter, dirty dishes left in the sink). He will get up on the counter and pull things off breaking dishes in the process. He will tear apart the garbage ect..... I punish him when we are there and know that he just did it. But when we are gone and come back to it, I will not punish him because I am not sure he would know why I am doing it. Anyway there is a question in all of this. How can I stop this behavior when I am sure he has done it enough that he thinks the reward outways the punishment. Thanks


01-04-2004, 12:13 PM
I'm far from the most qualified to answer your question but I am interested in why you don't confine him when you are out (like in a crate.) I also wonder what kind of shape he is in. Is he in good physical condition? Could he be fed more at his mealtime? I am aware that many dogs will eat human food even after they have stuffed themselves on their own food. I just wondered if maybe he was on a stringent diet.

01-04-2004, 12:43 PM
He gets 3 cups of a high protien food per day, per my vet he is proper wieght for his size and breed, His name is Briley and he gets more food on days when we hunt, for the extra work load. He is not put in a kennel because we up until now have not had a problem. My wife is a teacher so she is gone 7-4 and I work for a Fire Department so I am gone 24hrs at a time (I dont want to leave him in a kennel that long). I have another lab and both of them were fine up until this problem. They have a dog door to the back yard and are fed in the morning and night. He looks healthy and is definatly full of energy. :CF:

Woods and Water
01-04-2004, 01:26 PM
It sounds like this was his first encounter with finding human goodies(he wasnt given them).I would suggest setting up a scenario where you can catch him in the act and then discipline him.If that didnt work I would make sure to dog proof your house while you out....anyone else??????

01-04-2004, 01:31 PM
I would say the biggest problem is boredom. And yes you should crate him while no one is at home. 8-10 hours in a crate will not hurt him. Your wife can put him in right before she leaves for work and let him out just as soon as she gets home. Exercise long walks or good old fashion training will help this by relieving the boredom. 3 cups of food does sound a little on the light side even for performance food. How big is your dog and how much training or exercise does he get?

01-04-2004, 01:41 PM
Briley is 85lbs and this time of year he is out hunting every other day, and he gets about an extra cup on days he hunts. Otherwise he really doesnt get worked on the off days. I dont know better because I have never done it but it seems like it would be hard on them to stay in a kennel that long. Is this what most of you do when you are at work? As for being board I dont know like I said it has only happened in the last month, Three years nothing, then all of sudden it starts.

Woods and Water
01-04-2004, 03:08 PM
spanner if your running him on a high protein food:
crude protein-30%
crude fat-20%
then you should be able to give him 3-4 cups per day and one extra on a working day in the field(if hes 85 pounds).I think even if you uped his food and the oppertunity is there he will go for the garbage again and again,easy target!
I can say if your dog is crate trained to any extent then you shouldnt have any problems....8-10 hours in a crate can be a little long IMO,but you need to do whats best for you and your dog.I would rather crate my buddies rather than risk damage to my house or them.

Good Luck and Good hunting.....Mark

01-04-2004, 03:13 PM

01-04-2004, 03:29 PM
Hunt test and field trail dogs on pro trainerís truck are in their kennels allot. It does not hurt them at all. And these truck boxes are allot smaller than the largest pet porters. Put a dog in kennel over night 10:00 to 6 the next morning 8 hours it is not that big a deal. 8 to 10 month old puppies are capable of this and do it regularly.

01-04-2004, 03:31 PM
Thanks guys I will give it a shot.:TT:

01-06-2004, 12:00 PM
Even on the best diet in the world, you will have a hell of a time keeping ME out of the cookies, and Tim Horton's butter tarts hey? how about those yummm!

bad bad Dib, off the counter Dib!


Managing his location (crating) is the best suggestion here, but may take some conditioning if he isn't used to spending a little bit of time alone in the crate. The other thing to do is dog proof the kitchen counter by sending me all the left over sweets, so there aren't any there for your dog to get at it.

Guys, you can ALL send me your cookies, cakes, pies, sweets, etc. so your dog doesn't get into them. I won't charge a dime for the service.

Happy 2004


01-06-2004, 12:37 PM
In my mind, it is hard for me to say what a dog is thinking (if it is) about things, esp. food. It is true that for a dog, and many people, it is hard to pass up a cookie even when full. However, it is not always simply the volume that you are feeding. The caloric volume of the food is also very important. A cheap filler food may leave him hungry at 2 cups, but a high quality feed may not. Also, many dogs will just rather have, in addition to their food, some human food, in this case I agree that keeping the dog away from the food is the ticket.
Good Luck

01-06-2004, 01:52 PM
So as my wife and I talked about it we relized this was not a problem until we switched our dogs to a premium high protien sport dog formula. They have only been on this food for a couple of months. I am going to up the daily amount and keep the kitchen clear to see how it goes. We swiched foods from a filler food that required 8 cups a day to a premium food that has greater protien levels and no filler that requires only 3-3 1/2 cups a day.

01-06-2004, 04:26 PM
What dog food are you feeding him????

01-06-2004, 06:35 PM
Hey brother, i am a firefighter also , i do the 24 hr thing too. I have 3 labs, 2 are puppies yet a 6m and 11m black and choco. My wife works the 8 hr day. During the day if it is not below zero the pups spend the day out in there runs and if i keep them in side they spend it down in the basement in the furnance room with a gate to keep them in check.. i cant leave them alone for 2 seconds without them chewing something up in the house..yesterday my little guy was out of sight for 3 min and he ate my dokken mallard ..little shit. When we leave or go to bed they sleep in the crate..i put them down about 9pm and i am up around 5. I never let them roam around the house without me watching.
I've kept them in there carates for 8 hours before..not on a regualr basis but they handle it ok..it can save you and you dog s from a long night with the wife..

01-06-2004, 06:55 PM
The dog food is Maxximum Nutrition Sport dog formula.

01-07-2004, 07:07 AM
I think you could do a lot better dog food wise, Pro Plan-Euk-Nutro. There are some very good premium dog foods that should give you a lot more quality and food valve.

01-08-2004, 12:06 PM
I work 12 hour shifts myself... Can you just take the things that he is getting at out of the equation?? IF there is something "good" in the garbage, Woody is all over it.... and I have a mess. If not, I never do. Maybe easier to not have any access to the stuff that gets him in trouble??

01-09-2004, 10:19 PM
Hell you guys got it easy I have to work a 72 hour shift at my Firehouse. 3 days on and 4 days off. Not bad during hunting season. Nocalhonker

01-15-2004, 03:29 AM
Spanner Set him up for a suprise. Leave the garbage can in the usual place with some goodies in it. The garbage can should be full enough so dog can put its head in without tipping it over. Place 1 or 2 mouse traps in the garbage can. When he sticks his head into the can he will get wacked in the nose by the trap. It took me one one trapping session and my lab never touched the garbage again. The dog thinks its the garbage doing the nasty deed. You dont have to be the bad guy . I would rather do this than spank him for getting into the trash good luck

01-15-2004, 08:13 PM
gvells, That sounds like a great idea I will give that a shot as well. Thanks JJ:TT: