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04-21-2004, 08:36 AM
As a new moderator, I will try to periodically post informative topics for dog owners. If you guys have something you would like to hear about let me know. Since summer is coming around I thought I would post some information on flea control products. There are a ton on the market now and I will try to give a brief description of all the major ones. This will include factual information as well as my opinion and all recommendations should be taken as my opinion only.

Everybody says that “flea products seem so expensive now.” Or “I have never paid this much for flea control.” The simple facts are that the newer products are more expensive that the old fashion flea collar but they work. Just a few years ago we had no real answer for fleas and were “bombing” houses, yards, etc and bathing and dipping animals on a regular basis with poor success. Despite the prices of the products I am thrilled to have something that actually works on the market. So in order from my most favorite to my least favorite.

1) Advantix- Probably the newest product on the market. Also a topical drug that is applied to the dogs back once a month. It kills both juvenile and adult fleas (within minutes), repels (and kills) ticks, and actually repels mosquitos. This product has been shown to prevent 98% of ticks from ever biting and over 90% of mosquitos from biting. Some other products that kills ticks need the tick to bite first which risks transmission of several diseases (ie. Lyme’s disease). In my opinion, this is the best product on the market right now. It is safe to use on puppies and is effective even if the dog swims (ie. labs) as long as he doesn’t swim for 24 hours after application

2) Frontline Plus- Another topical product that is applied to the dogs back once a month. This medication was initially developed as a treatment for fruit flies and is currently the treatment of choice for termites in Texas . It is an adulticide and an insect growth regulator (kills adults and immature fleas). It also controls ticks. It has no flea repellant properties. This is an excellent product

3) Advantage – A topical product that you apply to your dogs back once a month. It kills fleas rapidly, but is only an adulticide (kills only adult fleas – not larvae). It has no flea repellant properties and has no insect growth regulator (no activity on immature fleas). Overall I think Advantage works pretty well but I prefer Fronline Plus or Advantix.

4) Revolution- Another topical that is applied to the skin once a month. It kills both adult and juvenile fleas but works a little slower than Advantage or Frontline. Works fairly well for fleas – doesn’t work at all for tick control.

5) Program- This is a pill given to dogs that halts the reproductive cycle of fleas (keeps larvae from hatching). It does not kill any adult fleas. At one time this was a good product, however many dogs will get “reinfected” with adult fleas in their environment and won’t have effective flea control with this product alone. I would not recommend this product – one of the 3 listed above is better because they actually kill fleas.

6) Sentinel- This is basically Program combined with Interceptor (used to prevent heartworms). Sentinel is marketed as an effective prentitive for both fleas and heartworms. From a “flea” standpoint it has the same drawbacks as Program (above) – does not kill fleas – only stops their reproduction.

7) Pyrethrins – there are a variety of products such as powders, sprays, and shampoos that contain pyrethrin or permethrin chemicals. They are somewhat effective in repelling and killing both fleas and ticks but have a very short duration of activity (like 1 day). Unless constantly applied – they are much less effective than other products. Flea collars containing pyrethrins exist but only keep fleas from away from the neck area – you will still find fleas on the other parts of the dog.

8) “Knockout” flea collars- These are special flea collars that contain an insect growth regulator called Nylar. If does not have any effect on adults but provides but might be effective when combined with one of the products that kills adult fleas (ie. Advantix).

Let me know if you have any questions.

04-23-2004, 10:52 AM
Thanks GW! I am going sat to the vet and Advantix it is. It is nice to get an opinion from an independent person.(ie other than my vet).

04-28-2004, 09:21 PM
Geof, I had a few minutes to do some reading tonight and I was cruising the forums, this is an awesome post and I am going to move it to the best post forum, thank you for sharing the awesome info.


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05-04-2004, 03:22 PM
Thanks Geoff, my vets been pushing Revolution, I'm switching.

Take A Gander
05-06-2004, 10:49 AM
Thanks for the info. It is always nice to hear about new and improved products.

05-06-2004, 01:16 PM
The first thing to realize is vets "push" what they have in stock and what they can make money on. Now I'm not saying vets are bad (because I do the same thing) but there are several good products out there. Different distributors have "sales" or maybe one particular vet gets a good deal on certain "brands." Anyway whatever is in the current inventory is usually the "best" product you can buy. It you ask for Advantix he may tell you that "product X" is better or just as good - maybe that is truly is opinion or maybe he doesn't carry Advantix - sometimes you never really know.

06-07-2004, 06:02 PM
I used Frontline last year and the stuff works great. gonna be using it again this seaon.

hunt to hunt
06-17-2004, 09:18 PM
GW great post. Do you have any info as to water and the effect on how long they last. My vet told me that his lab seemed to get the longest protection from frontline. So that is what I am using.

Thanks Jeff

03-22-2005, 11:00 PM
The following is something I just trew together to assist people and hope it helps!

Just a reminder that FLEA and TICK season is upon (most of) us (soon) and there are deals to take advantage of from the Internet and on-line only vendors. However, a few of these internet companies are in the process of law suits due to the sale of products bought overseas and sold here for cheap - I know of one that was closed down. And, there have been reports of those who have been caught selling "Frontline" that is not Frontline but those are rare.

The "average Joe" may not notice packaging differences, meaning a “knock-off” that does not work and contains bad things, to put it simply. Also, these “knock-off” products do not repel fleas and ticks (like our bug spray does) and your animal will still get fleas and ticks (if exposed).
As many here and elsewhere have come to find out over the years that you get what you pay for.

So, Buyer Beware!

Here are a few of the ones I have found (BUT NOT USED OR ENDORSING) to get you all started. They were available late last year that I have culled from the Internet forums and are still alive - and you can also check out eBay or www.Froogle.com to use their search engine to find on-line prices from a variety of sources:

Entirely Pets (http://www.entirelypets.com)

Pet Shed - Good one from Australia? (http://www.petshed.com)

Flea Control (http://www.1fleacontrol.com)

Flea Control Plus (http://www.flea-control-plus.com)

Vet Buy (http://www.vetbuy.com)
Future Pet (http://www.futurepet.com)

Pet Supplies (http://www.petsupplies.net)

Healthy Pets (http://www.Healthypets.com)

Flea Club (http://www.fleaclub.com)

My Pet Drug Store (http://www.mypetdrugstore.com)

Budget Pet Meds (http://www.BudgetPetMeds.com)

Now this next site is OUT OF BUSINESS and put that way by Bayer for selling the same med’s you can buy from an overseas company for less money: http://www.nofleasnoticks.com/

Bayer said, “This win is evidence that we are aggressively continuing our efforts to stop the illegal sale and distribution of Advantage,” said Jeff Gaidos, Vice President of Marketing, North America , Bayer HealthCare LLC, Animal Health Division. We will continue to take appropriate legal action against those who violate our sales policy because we are committed to protecting veterinarians, pet owners and pets from the potential risks associated with purchasing Advantage from unauthorized vendors.”

In other words., we want you in the United States to pay more for something you can buy in Canada, Australia or the like for a LOT LESS! Just like what is happening to those Americans trying to buy Viagra from Canada...but I wouldn’t know anything about that!

ONCE AGAIN, I AM NOT ENDORSING ANY OF THE ABOVE VENDORS but simply wanted to start a dialogue to get everyone started and SAVE SOME MONEY! Finally, please think about talking with your Vet, as some will price-match on-line prices. Just recognize that the FrontLine you buy from places like www.petshed.com in Australia is made in THE SAME PLACE as the med’s you buy here in the good ole USA - I believe...

And, I hope this post is taken in the way it is presented - a way to save money, protect your pets, and not screw anyone.

06-02-2010, 07:11 PM
I use front line with good results also. Great post with good information.

Thanks GJF

06-02-2010, 11:42 PM
Thanks Geof, I trust your judgment...:TT:

Wayne Flansburg
06-13-2012, 05:59 AM
I have a 9 year old lab that I used to rub flea/tick stuff on has back once per month. My dog would run from my wife and myself at the end of the month, would not have anything to do with us. We would have to trap him and hold him down. I finally concluded I was doing my dog a very bad service so I stopped using back applied products.

Next I tried pills, but I would have to put the pill in a 1# block of cheese to even get him to eat it. I gave up on this also. Sorry dog, I like cheese.

Then I tried a flea/heart worm pills with the same result as above so I stopped.

He loved his first heart pill so I went back to it and he is very happy. So am I. I figured if he can live with fleas so can I.

Stopped using any flea stuff and he is doing OK without any scratching for about a year. I live on a small orchard, my own, and he has the run of the place. We have never seen a flea but he does eat fruit from the trees. Wonder if that a flea preventative?

That's all folks! Wayne

12-19-2012, 08:42 AM
I wished I would of read this in the spring switched through 3 different products till we got 1 that worked for our 2 labs