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08-11-2000, 04:07 PM
I need to know how to blow one and the best one for a beginning short reed caller to get? Was looking at the TG Half Breed?

08-11-2000, 04:25 PM
G'guy, your asking the right bunch of hunters when it comes to short reeds. I have gathered alot of info off this forum. I have never blown a short reed, but I have just ordered one from Flocknocker. I ordered a mag-clucker that he will tune for me exactly how I want it. He, along with others on this forum, suggested this was a good starter. Good luck with your short reed search!

08-11-2000, 07:28 PM
I agree...I started out on a mag clucker.
I'm sure Flocknockers are much better than what you would get in the store, being as he is workin' it over for ya. Good luck and practice, practice, practice.

Goose huntin' is the best but I Go4Ducks2 (http://sites.outdoorsite.com/outdoors/go4ducks2)

08-11-2000, 07:40 PM
The mag cluckeer is a very goos starter call and flocknockers are a 100 time better then the ones you buy in the store because i think he puts in his own reed and hand shaved them himself. Also if you havent heard Fred Zink new calll has an excelent instructional tape on how to blow his new short reed goose call.

08-11-2000, 10:06 PM
The half breed isn't the easiest call to start out on.If u are a beginner the Saunders delrin call is a good bet.I have one and in 15 minutes I was already making good sounds.I have had it for a few days and I am pretty damn good at it.It has a natural buzz to it.So getting the buzz for the low end isn't very hard at all.The Zink call is also suppose to be a good call for beginners.