View Full Version : does anyone have the shakes yet?

08-13-2000, 04:45 PM
I was wondering if anyone has the shakes or is drooling uncontrolably because this years season is right around the corner. I cant seem to put down all my Wildfowl magazines and everytime I sit down in the privy I have to look through the Cabelas or herters catalog trying to figure out what new stuff I could get this year. CANT WAIT TO START KNOCKING THEM OUT OF THE SKY!!

08-13-2000, 05:51 PM
Yup, I sure do. I had dreams all night about being in the field, man did I pound them geese, hehe. The birds are starting to move around real good here right now. They fly over my place morning and just before dark. Today I hammered a flock With a come back call from the shop and got them to turn and take a look. I had a friend of Mallardslayer's (named Phil) come by the house today and look at calls. He bought a Saunders Guide series in Delrin. Man we cranked it up together on the calls and it was sweet. Yup I got it real bad. Wonder what I will dream about tonight.

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08-13-2000, 08:50 PM
Hey Flock, you said what Phil was blowing but what were you blowing.
I'm a big believer in you get what ya pay for and I've fought off these high dollar calls for a long time, but thats about to change. I was gonna get a straitmeat, but that saunders is 50 bucks cheaper. Your opinion would be appreciated.

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08-13-2000, 10:32 PM
I blew alot of calls with Phil. But after he left the one I had in my pocket when the geese flew over was the Traffic call Bill Saunders makes. I had a pile of calls for Phil to try and when he got to the Guides series Delrin he got his wallet out. He has several other calls and I know he had two Super mags and two half beed also. He left 2 of his half breeds for me to tune after he blew a couple I tuned for myself. Those young geese really liked that high pitch of the Traffic call that was the first geese I have used it one. IT is a new call Bill just came out with. I don't know if Phil will see this and get on the forum but if he does ask him what he thinks he blew them all, hehe.

"We're All About Geese"

08-14-2000, 01:16 AM

Ya, I've got the shakes bad too, but what I can't understand is I'd NEVER sat in a blind until last season?? And I'm hooked??? Yes I am!!!!! I've been an upland guy all my life, but boy, to see a flock of ducks or geese come in, it just gets my heart pounding! My poor wife has to listen to me point out every damn bird I see! And yes, they're buzzing my house every night, and morning. I had to laugh about the catalogs, I've read EVERY one at least 10 times each, ordered everything I DARE to...and now have marked each page that has something I still want, stacked them up and did a little cover letter for my wife, (birthday in Oct and then X-mas you know!) I only shot two damn geese last year (first two ever) but I'm hooked and waiting!!

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08-14-2000, 04:24 AM
Drove north this weekend and found that the field I hunt opening day is planted with corn and soy beans in strip rows. Perfect!!! Next place I went I found a swampy pond I'd never seen before and my parents said that they see geese in there all fall. Drove a 1/2 mile from there and there were 50-100 in a field across the road! I'm chomping at the bit!!!

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08-14-2000, 08:14 AM
Don`t have the thim.To busy getting ready for the season.

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08-14-2000, 04:15 PM
i've been shaking for weeks,some nights i lay in my blind in the family room and watch t.v. I've actually fallen asleep

08-14-2000, 04:39 PM
Take-um, what were you watching, CFL football.

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