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06-02-2004, 09:40 AM
Rustygunner, Congrats on the JH test passes. I really liked the pictures you posted. I ran my first JH test a few weeks ago. We did not fare as well as you and your two dogs. I was curious as to what type of cover you encountered for your JH test. I couldn't tell from your pictures. Could you give a breif description of the land series and the water series?

On our JH test, the land series consisted of a flyer that was off the edge of two to three foot high cover. The flyer landed at the bottom of a side hill in a strip of a food plot (some knocked down stubble) that was not very dense. The second mark required the the dog to drive over a knoll, thru some short, medium thick cover to a mark that was in another strip of the food plot. The way this mark was set up, unless you were 6'6", you couldn't see the fall area. My dog did real well on these two marks and we were carried to the water series.

The water series was set on a pond that was 50-60 yards by about 80yards. The first mark was a straight away that required the dog to drive thru a wall of reeds that were three to four feet high and about two yards deep and up the dike into shorter dense cover. The reeds extended from the edge of the water up the dike and ran the length of the dike for 30 yards. The second mark required a longer swim but there was no cover at the edge of the water. The dog had to drive up the bank and the mark was in shorter, less dense cover than the first water mark. My dog didn't take a good line on the first water mark and was un-nerved by the wall of reeds. We had never encountered this type of cover in our training or in our prior season hunting trips. She did not want to drive thru the reeds and we failed the test. Needless to say, we are now working on driving thru thick cover and up steep banks in our water training.

06-02-2004, 01:14 PM
That is one good thing about the hunt tests; you are always seeing new setups. I can not count the number of times I have heard theses statements, I have never seen that before or I have never train for that before or as soon as we get home I am going to start training for that. In the end it makes much better dogs and dog trainers. Keep going to the hunt tests and you are going to see about any and every thing!!!! I went to one last year in the senior that had a remote send and a remote honor! Should have heard the comments on that test.hehe And you are starting to see a lot more retired guns in senior. It is sure fun to play and pass and believe me every one has failed. Good luck in the next test!!!:cool:

06-02-2004, 07:11 PM
Eric, Good topic!!

I ran the water series first, the first bird was the flyer about 50 yards out smack dab in front of us with 3 decoys set off to to the right but the same distance out as the live flyer. Very stright forward mark.
The second was a winger (dead bird) that was a 90 degree turn to the right about 45 yards out on a flooded point in grass about a foot tall that the bird was landing in. A small duck skiff and some decoys were set in a small bay to the right side...some dogs cheated the mark and followed the land around to the point. The starting point was near the edge of the pond..not really two much cover for the dogs to drive through..but the second mark made the dogs use their nose!

The land marks were in a flooded field ( this is the one of the wetest may's on record in wisconsin) its hard to find dry land for land mark at the club now. the cover was about foot tall long grass. the first mark was a walk up ( which you could have your dog on a slip cord) live flyer about 55 to 60 yards to right of the mound through a spread of goose decoys. the winger was a 90 degree turn to the left with the winger land ing about 45 yards out in a the flooded field (running water) i hope you can understand this..i should draw a diagram...well maybe not!

Since that test, witch was my first i have 3 passes on both my dogs,,,i have ran mostly in tall grass being upto a foot in height and usually is flooded. It seems that all the clubs in wisconsin are located in a flood plain and we have a ton of standing water around here now. the place i usually train is totally flooded out.
The land marks have been on level ground for the most part...the last test i was at the dogs had to run through a small valley but it seemed to really have not impact on the dogs.

I hope i answered some of your questions...i will post up some more pics soon!