View Full Version : Foolin' em' all ready!!

08-14-2000, 07:35 PM
Today I was driving through my local town and I was practising with my Saunders call with the windows down for all to here, heheh.But any ways I pulled up to the stop light and there was a guy in front of me in a big truck.I started blowing my call slowly like there was a flock of geese flying over.I looked in his mirror and I could see him looking into the sky out his window like he was looking for some geese flying over.Then I started picking up the pace and I looked up and he had his head sticking out the window looking up into the sky.Man I was loving it!!!!!Hed never could find them geese, heheheh.This call keeps amazing me.If i can fool a person then geese should be no problem.

Goose Hunter
08-14-2000, 08:11 PM
hahahaha, that's great. You must have been laughing your ass off...

Bill makes a great call, no question, I got the acrlyic and it's really goosey. But I hear that the Delrin is a damn goose.

Thanks for the laugh.

Eat, Sleep, Hunt, & work on flocknocker's GREAT LOOKING website.

08-15-2000, 04:10 AM
all i've ever got was a lot of strange looks from folks when i'm in my truck blowing and listening to tapes,but the more they look the louder i blow

Chocolate Lab
08-15-2000, 09:10 AM
I just got my Saunders Delrin call last night. It's my first short-reed Honker call and I'd appreciate any tips on how to blow it.