View Full Version : Smoking Wild Meat

06-19-2004, 08:32 PM
Hey everyone!

I got my hands on a basic Char-Broil H20 smoker (charcoal/water)and was wondering if anyone had any ideas on preparing wild meat whether it be ducks/geese/deer etc. etc. on it. Your ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Duk Caln 2
07-14-2004, 09:02 AM
I think I might be able to help you out here. I start out by placing the birds whether it be duck or goose in a five gallon buck full of water and place a 2 lb package of brine in with it. I pick the brine up out a local super market. Curing salt and sugar is the two main ingredients. Let the birds soak for 2-5 days in the water/brine mixture and either place ice in the bucket or place the bucket in the refreg. Then before placing the birds in the smoker inject them with your favorite juice. I use a butter garlic combo. Cooking 3 birds will run you approx. 11 hours in the smoker. I also use apple wood for chips. Okay, here is the kicker. The last two hours baste the birds with a mixture of honey, orange juice and some melted butter. Baste every 30 min. for the last two remaining hours. The meat taste like a honey ham. I promise you, you will cut the meat with a fork and you will be a hit at home. My wife and others in the neighborhood don't like waterfowl but when they see the smoker coming out of the shed, they come a running to find out what time it will be done. :cool: