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08-15-2000, 08:22 PM
Somewhere on-line or in a magazine, I saw a advertisement for a magazine/journal that I believe is called The Goose Hunters Journal. Has anyone heard of it? If so, what's it like? Does it have good info?

MN (Strait) Meat
08-16-2000, 05:45 AM
I have a subscription. It is o.k., not like Wildfowl or anything. It is kind of geared to the competition caller. Has some other stuff in it to, but it is pretty thin considering what they charge for it. I hope they will build it into something more. I think it has potential.

08-16-2000, 11:17 AM
can you post the address so i can get a subscription. By the way how much is it?

MN (Strait) Meat
08-16-2000, 11:45 AM
I will bring the info tomorrow and post it. I think it is like $3.50 per issue.

08-16-2000, 11:55 AM
I met the new owners of the Goose Hunters Journal in June at the Patternmaster/Delby Publications Goose and Duck calling contest. I don't know what the previous format of the journal was but I did purchase a subscription and can tell you a bit about the format for upcoming issues.

As I understand it this will be a journal with many articles written by non-professional writers. Some of the sections I remember include calling, hunting strategies, kids article, dog training, receipes. I know Jeff Foiles had an article in my first issue.

This is a meat and potatoe kind of publication but done nicely. I think the cost is $25 US for two years, seems like 6-7 issues per year. I don't think this is a direct competitor to any other major publications. I have enjoyed my subscription to date. I will post address Thurday (if it does not appear earlier).

08-16-2000, 01:42 PM
The owners of the Goose Hunter's Journal are Mike See and Mike and Jonell Niles. I have visited with them in the past and if you have any questions you can e-mail Mike or Jonell Niles at mnj@carrollsweb.com. I am sure they would welcome any questions.