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08-16-2000, 06:04 PM
Guess what!! My better half just said if we could lose the rugrats for a couple of days, we could head down to Minneaplis and take in the big Game Fair. I've headr great things but have never been there. Of course I'll have to drag her along, but she has been letting me spend a little money lately. I'm afraid I may have used up my allowance though. Oh well, sounds like some great callers will be there, and lots of other stuff. Oh yeah, BC, should I be taking my shotgun along. It said something about it on the website.

Smell that powder

08-16-2000, 06:34 PM
You are going to love it, a lot of fun. Yes take your shotgun and shoot the sporting clays. You have to walk a ways to the grounds. Instead of carrying your shotgun around all day their are several booths that will hold shotgun for a small fee. Plan on spending a lot of time and money! The trick shooter Bill Collector was talking about is real good, got to see that. Hey tsodak if you though you were pumped before wait till you get there, this is really going to get you boiling!!

Gotta Love It!!

Bill Collector
08-16-2000, 08:24 PM
Hey T,
I probably won't bring my gun. I know darn well it would be fun to shoot, but it will be all my better half can do to get me away from the goose calls and callers!! I warned her up front - I will be worse than a little kid at Christmas!!

Email me, lets meet up on Sat!


Bill Collector

A few short of the limit!