View Full Version : Deer season and goose hunting, it's a little scary

08-20-2000, 08:51 AM
It never fails, every year when the deer season is going on around here and I'm out goose hunting, we have a truck pull up on the road, down comes the window, and out pops a rifle.You talk about bieng just a little nervous!Most of the time we can spot these guys and stand up and wave before they open up and start shooting what they think are geese.But let me tell you,it is a little nerve wracking to be the guy to stand up.The area that I hunt is divided up into 1 mile sections so most of the time our decoys are in sight of the road.Last year we had a guy pop up out of a river bottem and put his scope on us (by the way he did not have permission to be on this land). As soon as I stood up and waved he took off on a run and got out of there. Two years ago my boys and I were out field hunting and we had a group of geese we were working on about a quarter of a mile off.Just as they started to veer towards us I heard shooting coming from the road. It sounded like it was coming right at us, I kept thinking I was going to see decoys exploding around me. I did not realize that some deer had worked there way into the same wheat field as us and were about fifty yards behind us. These guys were in there truck shooting at them. I was hoping that they would hit one of the deer so that they would have to come into the field and get it. But of course they missed. I have been thinking about carrying a small orange flag with me (help I surrender, heheh) so I could wave it and not have to stand up. Do any of you have the same problem during the deer season, and if so what do you do to prevent this from happening?

By the way for you guys that do hunt deer, I know this is just a small group of slob hunters and most deer hunters would never put there scope on anything they don't intend to shoot.I alway want to grab one of these guys and ask if they have ever heard of this new invention called..... BINOCULARS.

Goose Hunter
08-20-2000, 10:27 AM
Well, I sure hope you don't wear one of those Canada Goose suits that Cabela's sell's.

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