View Full Version : spinning decoy question?

08-20-2000, 03:06 PM
I was at waterfowl day in Des Moines today and talking with some guy and he tells me that my spinning wing decoy is illegal because it has a remote. I talked to some other people there and they said that they haven't heard anything about this. I don't know if this person is full fo B.S. or what. Has anyone else heard this? Will probabally have to call our local game warden.

Heavy Gougin'
08-20-2000, 07:59 PM
I was at Cabela's yesterday and while I was taling to a GF&P officer at his table I brought up the same question because I was looking into one and didn't want to buy it if it was going to be outlawed this year. He said he knew nothing of it and didn't see anything happening in the near future. Would be kind of hard to enforce I think. Was looking at your flyway forum, you guys need to get a little more hyped up, if thats not enough action for you, join us in the north central, we usually got a lot going on!

Heavy Gougin'