View Full Version : Early Goose Season-Whats your strategy???

08-22-2000, 05:01 PM
Whats your strategy for the upcoming early seasons??? I am hunting in MI and we plan on hunting a bean field right next to a pond that holds a few hundred geese everyday. I know you are saying, geese in bean fields?? Well we ought to decoy a few but they fly 10yrds above the field when they land in the pond. We have a wheat field and another pond that we plan to hunt also. We will be using about 5doz. outlaws and a dozen of so bigfoots. Let me hear some goose talk boys!!! Nine more days!!!!!!

08-22-2000, 05:25 PM
Ben I'm with you in the beans must be a Mich thing but them birds eatem up here! I have 5 guys for the opener we will be in a cut hay and wheat field. I hope the weather stays cool in the mornings and we cut'em early.

Bob Alfieri, Take a Kid Hunting

08-23-2000, 01:29 PM
I have seen many and killed many in beanfields in IL! That is no shit!

08-24-2000, 04:07 AM
I'll be on two farm ponds surronded by Buckwheat and cut hay fields the 1st day. The next 3 days I'll be in bean fields too, next to a gravel pit.

08-24-2000, 10:32 AM
I would say you guys are full of beans, hehe. Who eats all them beans anyway?? Is that where we get the nations natural gas from, hehe.

I will be hunting some club wheat fields. Nice stuff, the heads fall real easy so there is always lots on the ground. I have my eyes on some pea fields to, they are always good first part of the season. But no beans hehe.

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