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08-24-2000, 09:22 PM
Since this house is full of goosecallers please let me know what you think of these goose sounds. It's a new call and I want to know what ya'll think. Be honest now. Thanks guy's I knew I could count on the rest of the FLOCK.
www.angelfire.com/wa2/mallardslayer/goosesounds.wav (http://www.angelfire.com/wa2/mallardslayer/goosesounds.wav)

Shoot'em with their feet hanging

08-25-2000, 01:38 AM
I'd love to tell you it sounded GREAT, but I couldn't call if I had a cell phone, so I'm not the best judge. I will tell you, that my dog came running when she heard it!!

Dare to be Different!

08-25-2000, 07:53 AM
Sounds pretty good Slayer!! This .wav sounds familiar though...... have I heard it before??

You can blow that thing in my blind any time - I'll do all the shooting! hehehe

Belly-up & feet danglin'...

08-25-2000, 09:39 AM
I don't think the wave file does the call justice. He blew the call for me on the phone and it was much better. Real low like a flute but had a nice hi crack like a short reed. Is that the one you made yourself?? And I couldn't get the whole wave to load either, only loaded about half of it. Ain't computers great.

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Goose Hunter
08-25-2000, 11:29 AM
It was flawless. Unlike me, I always have a short note or one that ain't cracked over or something...

What call was that?

It was great, no question about it.

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08-25-2000, 11:40 AM
This is a call that I'm currently making and I wanted to get some input from the best. I hope to have it out pretty soon. This call is very easy to pick up and learn on you can blow it like a flute or a short reed. PJ, yes, it was the same call. Thanks Flocknocker for the kind words. Thank you guy's for your input this gives me a better outlook on this call. I will keep you posted as to the outcome. Who knows maybe they will be on FLOCKNOCKERS web page. hehehe
Thanks again I really appreciate your response.

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