View Full Version : "Parts"-a-Roni

06-17-2005, 07:20 PM
OK, this one may be too simple to even post up, but is also super easy/quick and a great way to use sundry leftover parts of geese or other game.

Start with a package of Ricearoni (or equivalent other brand -- no Spam here). I usually use the chicken flavor, but other types should be fine as well. Brown the rice/vermecelli mix in butter as per directions on box then add directed amount of water... plus ~1/4 to 1/2 cup extra water and the pkg of flavoring that comes with the RR.

Then add a cup or so of partially cooked parts (goose "tenders" cut 3/8" thick across the grain and sauted work great, as do sliced/sauted hearts, pheasant carcass pickings, sauted possum livers if you're from Louisiana, whatever). Then cover and cook as directed on box. If you want to get real fancy, add some cooked wild rice and/or sliced mushrooms. Just time the additions so that add-ons are cooked but not turned to mush when the Ricearoni is done.

Total prep time is about 25 minutes. Total active prep time is maybe 5-10 minutes.

Man, I have sent this recipe to several folks, and just had the uneasy feeling that I might have posted it here before. Can't really tell without dumping this post to go search... which I'm not about to do. If so, just chalk it up to :SE: Compare the 2 versions and use whichever one sounds best. Enjoy.