View Full Version : Smoked Goose ala Paulie

06-17-2005, 09:58 PM
Cut the breasts off the bird....clean them up good

1/2 cup of Morton's Quick Tender
1 cup of brown sugar
1 tsp of onion juice
1 tsp of garlic juice
5 shakes of soy sauce
3 cups of warm water

1. For the brine, mix all above ingredients. Make sure all the brown sugar is completely dissolved.
2. Place the meat into the brine. Make sure the brine covers all the meat.
3. Allow meat to marinate in brine for at least 24 hours.
4. After the meat has marinated for 24 hours, remove the meat from the brine.
5. Separate the meat into piles (1 to 2 breast per pile depending on the size)
6. Cut a piece of cheesecloth that will fit around the pile of meat.
7. Lay the cheesecloth down.
8. Lay three pieces of bacon on the cheesecloth.
9. Spread 1 tbsp of brown sugar over the top of the bacon.
10. Lay the meat on top of the bacon.
11. Wrap the bacon around the meat.
12. Wrap the cheesecloth around the bacon and meat.
13. Hold the cheesecloth on with a few tooth picks.

14. Evenly distribute the meat packages across the smoker.
15. Start the smoker and bring the smoker temperature up to between 180 degrees and 200 degrees F.
16. Check the meat temperatures after 1.5 hours. Meat temperature must be between 165 and 180 degrees.
17. Once the meat temperature reaches 165 degrees, make note of the time. You must maintain these temperatures (meat and smoker) for at around 3 hours.

18. Remove the meat after the prescribed time.
19. Once cool, remove the toothpicks.
20. Double wrap with freezer paper.
21. Freeze until ready for use.

Smoked Goose \ Duck \ Pheasant is best when shared with good friends (and a few dogs) on the tailgate of a truck after a long hunt!

Slice it up into small bite size pieces and eat it with Ritz crackers, Port Wine Cheese (my personal favorite)...and oh yeah, don't forget the ICE COLD BEER.



P.S. Land owners that let you hunt their fields also enjoy the gift of a couple smoked geese \ ducks \ pheasants after the hunt! Always treat the landowners right...and normally they will do the same.