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GreenHead Crazy
01-06-2006, 02:47 PM
I took a trip up north for the day. This is my little girl with the Birds... She goes every chance she can, and loves it.... Dad Loves it too....:Art:

GreenHead Crazy
01-06-2006, 02:48 PM
This was a Banded Woody I got this Morning.. I was very blessed... She won't give it back now....:JW: :rof:

01-06-2006, 03:32 PM
Hehehe hunters in training, way to go!


The Baron of Bufflehead
01-06-2006, 06:59 PM
Looks like you've got two of the cutest little helpers there GHC! Great to see them getting involved with Daddy and the ducks.:cool: :uh:

Road Runner
01-06-2006, 08:11 PM
Priceless:pl: Keep taken em out.

Wood Duck Wizard
01-07-2006, 08:19 AM
Kids+ Duck Hunting = A great day afield and a hope filled future...

Killer Miller
01-11-2006, 05:36 PM
Gees greenhead, your kids must have been shooting the hell outta them. They got a sh*t load of bands! haha
I hope to fill a lanyard before I die. Im 19 and have 5 honker bands but no duck bands yet.

01-12-2006, 05:18 PM
I am 15 and have 1 goose band it was the greatest feeling in the world

01-13-2006, 05:39 PM
H-W That feeling never gets old