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04-24-2006, 09:33 PM
Something I tried a few weeks ago...
turned out good, thought I would share.

About eight pounds goose/duck/dove/quail/pheasant...

Three pounds bacon

1 Eastmans breakfast sausage seasoning packet

sausage skins

The freezer was getting full so I decided to make some sausage out of some of the odd bags of bird.
The Eastmans seasonings was the first that I came across. I tried bratwurst, italian and breakfast. Breakfast was the winner of the three for me.
I found the bacon as "Ends and pieces" at my local grocery store for 1.99 for three pounds. Winner!
The casings were cellulose just because I didn't want to mess with soaking and rinsing natural casings.
I went halves on a $100 grinder/stuffer with a buddy. He also chipped in some more meat.
We ground the meat and the bacon partially frozen with the medium blade. Added seasoning, and mixed by hand. (The lid to your wifes Pampered Chef desert tray will get brittle in the freezer and crack when you try and lift 10 lbs. of meat in it.:hit: )
Smoked them all with a mix of apple and mulberry wood.
took them staight off the smoker back into the freezer.
Once they were frozen I vaccum packed them in packages of four and six.
Now I can pop a pack out of the freezer into the microwave any day and they taste like they just camr off the smoker.
Great for taking to the farmer that let you hunt his pond last year!