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03-20-2007, 06:12 PM
Here you go guys.
Fairly simple.
I use some of the most common and well know sets effectivly.
For footholds on land just production style dirtholes. I use an 1 3/4" auger for the hole and like em deep when possible. with the trap against the hole for fox and coyote. Im a fan of smaller traps for land animals. For big bumble foot northern reds a 1 1/2 coil is plenty. I really liked those old strong 1 1/2 offset montgomerys for coyotes (like the Helfrich but they we expensive and not around long). I dont trap yotes western style at all.
I seldom used flat sets only because its too hard to find them at times. And blinds sets prove your a trapper for land animals.
Conibears, I started with 210's.
I set for coon just like in my brothers videos, only slower and not as good

Beaver, loved a big snare cable, with a relaxing lock on dry land. 6 feet of cable in a willow patch make a catch intresting. Just cut the cable and release the little guys and damaged beaver. I was really into blind snaring perpendicular to banks .
Check out those MB 750.s the idea started when my brother showed his partner my prototypes. He just got them done.
Muskrat. In Minnesota we trapped them right on the houses. I used big traps, All those old #2 Northwood coilsprings put rats down fast.One year i set a feed bed, by the end of the week (6 days) it was a 4 foot lodge and i took 36 rats off of it. But conibears are easy too . We trapped rats inside the houses after freeze-up
Mink; I should have written a book or made the videos. I didnt know anyone that used 3/8 re-bar T-stakes and long chain, and double pocket sets when I started. Pocket sets with the trap directly below the lip ,... most of the time. And again blinds sets are more effective if you know what your doing and have a high catch percentage.
I ve done a bunch of expirementing and have used lots of sets. I just do whats fast for me in the area I trapped

03-21-2007, 04:31 AM
My favorite set is the Leggetts step down dirthole set, with a Sleepy Creek 1 7/5 coil spring 8" chain and a cable stake. I only trap for about 2 weeks a season. I catch fox and coyotes in this set, My other go to set is a urine post set.

03-21-2007, 06:14 AM
Used to trap fox on a "live" market in the late 80's -90's. Favorite set was a scent post with fresh fox urine next to a standard dirthole. "fresh was collected from the pens very early in the morning before starting to check traps. Was death on coyotes too.

Sure miss the money now, no live market here anymore.

Was fun and a real adventure. 200 miles a day trapping sure was rough on a pickup!!!.

The fun was laughing at the landowners farmers standing in the cow /hog slop looking at 3 -12 live fox in the truck and wondering how I could stand the smell of them stinkin' things?

Smelled just like money to me!!!

03-27-2007, 07:48 AM
2labs I use to use a deep placement set like Leggets promoted. I used it when trapping section line roads where sprung traps by tractors was a problem. First tire sprung the trap the 2nd tire flattened the trap. I found a deep placement a problem in freezing rain wind driven snow; also while living on the wet side of washington trap pans had to be high(80+ inches of rain)
Theres no doubt that it helps with foot placement and sometimes bedding.
I didnt use urine posts sets often. mostly I would make a blind set of some type with a dirthole nearby.
Jeff I never was into the live market; I had buddies in SD that made good $ .

03-27-2007, 04:18 PM
The live coyote market is still strong in some states. Around $75.00 each.

Also caught a few old smart fox with a bare ,unscented dirthole set about 5 to 10 feet downwind of a regular dirthole,(scented). The bare dirthole set was a real killer sometimes.

Sure miss the trapping days and the money.

03-27-2007, 04:49 PM
What do they do with the coyotes? Whos buying.

Pocket sets in northern states work almost as well without bait.

03-28-2007, 07:45 AM
They sell the yotes to people training coyote dogs. It's big around here running coyotes with dogs after deer season.