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03-27-2007, 05:10 PM
Do have a specific brand or type of bait or lure. Who's making their own?

I grew up using Hawbakers a long time ago, started using Carmans, Biermans, for fox.
Eventually made and sold all my own baits and lures.
I kept it simple, Cherry oil for muskrat.
Sweet flag for 2 year old beaver.
For beaver; castor mixed with nutmeg, or cinnimon sometimes mint, or vanilla.
Beaver castor in most lures and baits.
I always likes the cheesy odor (makes my mouth water just writing about it) of aged beaver meat, for all the canines .
Chunked bullheads with beaver castor for mink, and coon, and a switch up in dirtholes.
Used lots of bobcat and fox urinie.
The lure that got me into selling baits I use to make by the 5 gallon pails for a friend , he paid for the extra ingredients. Beaver liver, gall, bladder and oil sacs , the oil and gall were ground fine, mixed with a preserative to slow down the tainting process, . set in the ground in April the livers broke down into a thin pastei, bottled in August. A fantastic early season lure, sort of an obnoxious sweet lure than smelled like nothing else out there. One fellow used it by the gallon for cats.

03-27-2007, 06:16 PM
Made some of my own but also used O'Gorman's Powder River Paste Bait for fox. That stuff was fantastic. Except warm October days. Then a buddy of mine used a cheese bait made in Penns. Fox loved it in warm weather.

One time used left over strawberry daiquiry mix for coon's when I ran out of a homemade fish bait I made for them. This was late December. Caught two grey fox in two days in 'coon sets on the daiquiry mix. The 'coons love it also.

By the way is Craig and Dana O'Gorman still in business? I have not been around the trapping business at all in ten years.

Used a lot of cut up bluegills with amber oil musk and honey essence for raccoons and the fox liked it somewhat too.

Late season in the snow red fox really good fooled on nothing but mink glands.

03-27-2007, 06:19 PM
Oh yea one of my best fox sets was after catching a house cat. I would noose them, grab their tail, worry them a little until the scent,anal glands got released, then release them. Guarenteed for a red fox or two within a day or two. They loved the smell of a cat and a tussle.

03-28-2007, 06:18 AM
Over the yrs Ihsve been a Carmans fan, but the last few I have used my own blend of urine and gland lure mixed with very good success, 4oz squirt bottle with 3/4 oz fox gland and the rest fresh urine, it has worked great. Last season a dealer gave me some Thorpes all call to try, the weather was warm and this lure was AWSOME, 8 days I caught 21 fox and 1 yote.

03-28-2007, 07:53 AM
I used commercial fish oil with a little anis oil added for coon most of the time. Just squirt it in the bait hole and plug it with a wad of grass. I got a bunch of freshwater mussels one year and blended them with canned sweet corn and it worked real well. I trapper at night most of the time because I worked days and I would carry a gig and spear suckers when I walked up a stream setting or running my traps and used them a lot. I caught a lot of gray fox and mink in coon sets with those suckers.

03-28-2007, 08:23 AM
O-Gorman is still around Just doesnt attend many trapping funtions, I guess the wind left his sails after his daughter killed herself. Too bad, I also heard about the same time he was being investigated, what i heard, some of his bait was made from deer poached in dakotas.
Craig makes mostly good lures, many based on federal research. I bought a couple cases of one of his rat lures, I boughrt it for the price of the jars.He just wanted to dump it. I mostly gave it to kids, it was great stuff, I dont know what was in it.
House cat has got to be the best meat out there, I didnt like hair in my baits and didn care to skin cats, Certianly good stuff
2labs. I took instruction from Thorpe in 79. He changed my attitude in trapping. Basically I set lots of traps well, catch whats there and move on.
Flipper I use to use lots of fish oil , At one time it was really cheap. We would get it in a 55 gallon drum in Iowa, the drum deposite was more than the oil
Any of you guys remember the fellow that made the synthetic brightly colored lures maybe Neely?

03-28-2007, 12:03 PM
I remember O'Gorman had a synthetic coyote gland lure? Bright orange.
Don't remember others, too many years ago.

I went to the Milligan brand seminare with Ray, Carroll Black, and Jeff Richter
in the 80's. Saw Ray on TV numerous times being an elk guide.
What ever happened to Jeff Richter??

Caroll Black went to building houses .

03-28-2007, 04:07 PM
I remember Blackie, He claimed I had the strongest long distance lure on the market.
Milligan got his act togeather , I see him on TV once in a while. I think Richter just faded away.
It was Don Nicely that made so many of the synthetics. I use to buy VFA,.Volitile Fatty Acid, Thats probably what O'Gorman sold.
The feds did a bunch of research , late 70's i think, Some of the info was published in the Trapper , some wasnt.
Of the commercial lures O;Gorman didnt perform as well as he wanted he had his stuff under a different name. Carmens LDC lure ranked the highest of the commercial made lure. VFA ranked the highest overall, basically gut fluids , I know cat and fish were the highest placing meats Cat at the fresh and slight taint. fish from fresh to fowl juice

03-28-2007, 05:23 PM
Was that the Don Nicely, Jr. from Ohio or a differant one??

I knew Blackie pretty well. Learned alot of coon tips from him.

I remember the research on the lures. Brings back alot of memories.

Also I had a coon(fruit bait from prunes, strawberries, figs, amber musk oil)
bait that worked well on coon's and fox. Almost forgot about it.

Had a buddy that had a persimmion tree in his yard in Ohio. When they produced well I used to go get several gallons once they dropped, and froze them. They coons loved them and a few fox ,too.

To bad about O'gorman's daughter. I think she was 16 and it was a vehicle accident. Am I right? About the time I was really trapping hard. Many years ago. I'm 48 now.

I remember Ray Milligan saying out west a decent area had about 6 fox litters per mile. Here in NW Ohio we had a litter about every other mile or two, and that was good. I always wanted to go west to trap and experience a good area but never did.

03-29-2007, 09:34 AM
yep, Don Nicely Jr. . lots of intresting lures. The fruitly lures dont seem to work as well futher west.

Jeff were the same age.
Still sad, O-Gormans daughter jumped in Craigs new trunk, mad at her boyfriend, ,... high school drama stuff ,.. and crashed at 90 mph.
I dont know how right Milligan was on those numbers.
What Milligan may have mentioned; I think preditor indicies (sp?) the north east has a hight population per Sq. mile.
I wouldf think some sections could have been "denning areas" in the west with adjacent gounds being viod.
I know the area i trapped in Harding and Perkins county in NW S.D. had the highest population per square mile for S. D. along witht he adjacent areas in ND Wyoming and Monatana.
The advantage in much of the west. Animals are predictable in long distant travels. A fox might travel through 10 sections of land in a night, where in the eastern states a red fox may never leave the same 160 acres in a night.
So travel ways can reamin a hot set location for months. Where in the east. you catch the locals in a couple nights and may have an occaisional drifter.
I never trapped a western location long, I moved on. but I know fellows in Montana and Dakotas that would take 50 fox from a location in high $ years.
Unfortunatley when I was trapping out west I wasnt into gang setting. And I didnt understand travelways.,
OPut west you cover miles. Even my lines in NW Minnesota. 4-6 traps at a location, drive3-6 miles, another 2-4 traps, another 4-5 miles. You also get in hot area,
In the west like wyoming, the hot areas are river bottomes, irrigated fields, everything revolves around water, yes you catch fur up and away. but sage and benonite doesnt produce much fur.
Next trip to North Dakota,... Im sure you think this , but look at the setable locations for fox with all those section road. And they are open to Non residents

03-30-2007, 06:31 PM
Here in Md we eat a lot of steamed crabs.When I used to trap for coons I used the leftover crabshells I crushed up and frooze til winter.I caught lots of coons.And the bycatch went down also.Free bait that works.

05-11-2007, 07:48 AM
I believe every region has some sort of "free" bait and lure ingredients. Those that remember Wiley Carrol of Nevada, I always got a kick out of his lure ingredients, horse hoof trimming, afterbirth, horn trims. Just what you would expect from a cowboy.
I personally dont care for shellfish oil or the smell of horse hoof trimmings and burnt horns.
Nothing in the world smells like rotting horse hoof:tu: